The ultimate dynamic duos: 3 healing skincare pairs to boost your beauty routine

Combine a targeted mask with a daily cream to heal your skin.

There’s no doubt that working together is far more effective than going solo, so why should that be different for our products? Keep reading as we introduce our 3 favorite dynamic duos to maximise our beauty regimes. Facial masks to provide skin with intense treatment twice weekly, coupled with our recommended daily product, working together in harmony to keep our complexion healthy from day to day.

DUO #1 : To heal sensitive skin

Sensitive skin can be difficult to manage, especially as we blow into the cold winter months which can leave skin dry and irritated. Use this first skincare pair to heal and soothe your sensitive skin, leaving it nourished and glowing whatever the weather.

Firstly, give your skin some backup by using the Life Plankton Mask at least twice a week. Concentrated at full-strength with fermogenesis technology and formulated with the healing micro-organism, Life Plankton, this hydrogel facial mask reacts to your skin’s condition and triggers extreme soothing, deep cellular repair and renewal. Power up the effects of this intense mask and reignite radiance by using Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion. When used daily, this creamy moisturizer hydrates and nourishes sensitive skin, leaving it stronger, less reactive and more reinforced day after day.

DUO #2 : To keep skin youthful

The fight against fine lines and wrinkles is never over, so line up your troops and defend against the effects of aging. Keep skin youthful by combining these two powerful forces.

Replenish bounceback by using Aquasource Everplump Night, twice weekly. This targeted sleeping mask is enriched with dark cultivated algae extract whose power is only generated in the absence of light for intense skin recovery and replenishment. Wake up to plumped and firmer skin, and then incorporate Aquasource Deep Serum into your daily beauty regime to deeply hydrate and nourish your complexion. This elixir promotes the birth of new skin quality, leaving your complexion luminous, full of life and youthful.

DUO #3 : To help your skin breathe

Daily life can take it’s toll on your skin, especially if you live in the depths of a city, so up your defences against urban environments and help to reawaken your skin with this ultimate, pore-targeted, dynamic duo.

Indulge your skin in a twice weekly clay mask - Skin Best Wonder Mud. Apply for 3 minutes for a deeply antioxidant-concentrated treatment to help cleanse deeply. Not only will this purifying mask work against impurities and the build up of city grime, but it also combats dullness, helping to diminish pores and get skin glowing. Combine with daily use of Skin Oxygen Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Lotion to breathe a breath of fresh air into your skin. Enriched with chlorella, a.k.a. The algae that breathes, the detoxifying powers of this nourishing, pore-minimising, perfecting lotion, paired with the clarifying Wonder Mud, will leave skin radiant and healthy.

Boost your beauty routine with these powerful duos, and see your skin transform into the picture of radiant health.

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