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How to cure a food hangover with exercise


If you've over-indulged recently, whether it be a blow-out meal, a fast-food craving that just had to be sated, or a quick lunch that turned into an afternoon of courses, don't beat yourself up about it. It happens to everyone (especially during the holiday season!) and it's nice to be able to treat yourself from time to time.

However, sometimes your stomach doesn't thank you for the indulgence, and you're left feeling bloated and uncomfortable. Sound familiar? Here are a few exercises that will help with digestion and reduce any residual guilt. Just remember not to exercise immediately after a big meal – it’s preferable to wait a couple of hours before reaching for your sneakers.

Walk it off

Light cardiovascular exercise such as a brisk walk may help with digestion. While going for a long run might not be the best idea, a walk around the park with your dog (or someone else's dog, or no dog at all) is enough to get your blood circulation going and help with metabolism.

To recover from a weekday binge, why not get off a subway or bus station early and walk the rest? The light exercise will help wake you up, feel ready for the day ahead, and help you get in some of your recommended 10,000 steps a day!

Core exercises

Strengthening your core can help with digestion by working on your stomach and back muscles with exercises like pushups and sit-ups. As with any exercise after eating, keep it light and don't push yourself too hard.


A series of stretches in the morning and evening not only keeps you flexible, but may also help with digestion. Twists, for example, encourage intestinal movement, and can be performed anywhere – even at work!

Top tips

After an indulgent meal, your two best friends are water and fiber. Even though you may not feel like chugging down any H2O, water is our body's best friend when it comes to cleaning out our system and helping with digestion. Fiber, which can be found in grains, cereal and oats, keeps things moving through your body, and is full of healthy bacteria that help with digestion.

Food hangovers are never fun, but at least now you have a few ways to ease the discomfort!

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