4 rejuvenating tips for dealing with oily skin this winter

Get flawless skin this season with these expert tips to keep oil at bay

You might have thought that winter would come as a welcome break for oily skin, with a dry, cold atmosphere drawing excess sebum and moisture out of your skin to help you spend less time blotting your face. However, what with the change in these environmental conditions and the triggering of an overactive sebaceous gland, oily skin can actually worsen in response to drier air, stimulating the production of its natural moisture-locking and protective oil. With a few simple skincare alterations learn how to deal with oily skin effectively this winter.

#1 Replenish your skin with hydration

Even oily skin isn’t immune to losing moisture in the winter, with cold atmospheres dehydrating skin to leave it dry and cracked before triggering increased sebum production. Although moisturizing oily skin often seems counterintuitive, replenishing the hydration lost in the face of cold winter will actually help to control the sebum your skin produces and limit the extent of your oily skin. Use a water-based moisturizer such as the Aquasource Gel , whose refreshing formula penetrates deeply into your epidermis to nourish and hydrate. Formulated with Life Plankton, this unique gel intensely hydrates for up to 48 hours, whilst also reinforcing the skin’s natural barrier to protect it from external aggressors that may further exacerbate the effect of winter dryness.

#2 Switch your cleanser with the season

When you go between seasons, sometimes our old and faithful skincare products might not just cut it. In the winter, avoid cleansers that seek to absorb oil, as this may result in over-drying your skin, leaving it damaged and unhealthy as well as triggering your body’s processes to increase its production of sebum to counteract this effect. Transitioning to a cream-based cleanser such as the Biosource Milk , can rid your skin of all types of impurities whilst also hydrating, nourishing and soothing your complexion to help keep your skin healthy.

#3 Add a toner into your skincare regimen

Toners are miracle workers, not only helping to purify your skin but also delivering moisture deep into your epidermis. For oily skin that is prone to breaking out in the winter, toners are ideal for controlling acne and blackheads without overly-drying out your complexion. The Skin Oxygen Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Lotion is a powerful toner that acts as the final step of your cleansing routine to rid your skin of any last, lingering impurities, whilst correcting imperfections caused by your environment and allowing your skin to breathe again. Tested by 56 women over a 7-day period, 100% of participants agreed that skin looks renewed, with 87.5% saying that skin tone looks more luminous and 89.3% explaining that the product lets their skin breathe.

#4 Choose a skin-boosting serum

Oily skin is often prone to acne, with the inherent excess sebum blocking pores and causing the build up which leads to blemishes and breakouts. Applying topical, targeted treatments may seem like the ‘go-to’ answer to reduce the appearance of acne, however these can be over-drying in the winter. Strengthen your skin with a skin-boosting serum, such as the Aquasource Deep Serum . With the unique, hydrating Aquasource formula concentrated 3 times higher than normal, and associated with Mannose and Life Plankton, this powerful serum promotes the birth of new skin quality and creates a glow from deep within. Use twice a day to repair and strengthen skin, keeping it visibly soothed, smoothed, even and glowing this winter.

Oily skin doesn’t need to be difficult. Follow these illuminating tips to deal with your oily skin this winter to leave your complexion healthy, radiant and stronger, whatever the weather.

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