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How to discreetly work out during a holiday dinner that never seems to end

Simple exercises to keep you busy!

Whether it’s a work event or a family get-together during the holiday season, we all experience dinners that seem to go on and on. The good news: there are a few discreet exercises you can do to burn off some of those calories (while eating!) without anyone being the wiser.

Awesome abs

Sitting on the edge of your chair, raise one leg slightly with the toes barely touching the floor and simulate drawing the shape of an "A" on the ground with your big toe. Continue with the rest of the alphabet before switching legs. To increase the challenge, try with both legs lifted. You could even use fellow guests' names instead of the alphabet - a clever idea if you've just been introduced to new people and want to remember their names!

Killer calves

A sneaky sitting exercise which works both the calves and the legs, is to keep the balls of your feet on the ground and to raise your heels while tightening your abs. Hold for a few seconds, lower and repeat. For more resistance, lean forward and put your elbows on your knees – this will make it look like you're fascinated with the dinner conversation!

If you're really struggling through a family Christmas dinner, offer to help with the dishes. This will give you the excuse to do some quick calf stretches at the sink, raising and lowering yourself onto your toes while keeping your posture straight.

Work your glutes off

In your chair, squeeze your buttocks together for five to ten seconds, lifting your body up slightly. Repeat 30 times. Or, focus on one side then the other, tightening the gluteal muscle as much as possible each time. Other guests will be totally oblivious to the fact that you're working on toning the perfect posterior!

Try out some of these exercises at your next holiday get together!

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