How to eat healthily in a relationship: advice from Lucile Woodward

Refraining from piling on the pounds when you’re in a couple perhaps resembles an impossible task for many – but not for Lucile!

Living with your significant other often results in a weight increase. According to a study by the University of Basel and Max Planck institute, married couples usually eat healthier than those who are single, but simultaneously put on more weight and do less sport than their counterparts. If you can identify with this contradictory (and undoubtedly infuriating!) predicament, then take heed of the reflections of Lucile Woodward below, sports coach and Biotherm ambassador, in order to replace your unfavorable twosome food habits with some more sustainable dietary reflexes.

How to avoid putting on weight when you have a significant other

In order to avoid slumping into unforgiving habits, it’s important to lay down the food law from the off. Firstly, if one of you wants to indulge but the other wants to keep it light, you have to respect each other’s preferences. “It’s ok not to eat exactly the same thing every evening. It doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other, or that you’re not spending enough quality time together. You have to create a withstanding relationship in which your health is respected and neither one of you is going to blame the other for putting on weight”, explains Lucile.

In terms of keeping fit, Lucile advises couples to discover mutual active interests in order to spend more quality time together, all the while making it easier to find the minutes to dedicate to exercise. “Whether it’s a week of canyoneering in Ardèche, a weekend ski getaway, a 10k relay race or a trek in the Andes, exercising together can really unite a couple”.

Physique-friendly (and Lucile-approved!) recipes for you and your man

Breakfast: Healthy pancakes with red fruits, such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. These are all detoxifying foods which will allow you to regenerate your skin while simultaneously watching your waistline. We’re sure that he wouldn’t turn his nose up at a delicious pancake stack either!

Lunch: A lentil salad with cottage cheese, cucumber and pomegranate seeds. Deliciously vegetarian, this plate mixes complex carbohydrates, proteins and fruit which help to combat free radicals, originating from the aging of skin cells.

In-between: If you have the urge to nibble on something between meals, opt for a healthy snack with an oily element (such as nuts), a fruit and some dark chocolate – a real treat packed with anti-aging and anti-stress properties.

And there you have it: all the tips you need for you and your man to transform into a healthy couple! Additionally, invest in Lucile’s Objectif Eté eBook, which details a healthful 8-week plan, in order to get your diet and workout plan back on track.

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