Smooth things over with your uneven skin tone to achieve your most flawless skin yet

Put pigmentation problems behind you by following these 4 tips

An uneven skin tone, or hyperpigmentation, is when irregular dark spots or patches of discoloration form on the skin. Whilst it’s not harmful, it is unsightly and stands in the way of the flawless complexion you crave. Harsh winter conditions may only serve to make matters worse for sensitive skin by causing irritation that adds the appearance of red blotches into the mix.

The reason for uneven skin

Pigmentation problems can be caused by different factors. Dark spots that are sometimes referred to as age spots, liver spots and sun spots are caused by UV exposure, which then in turn triggers excess skin cell growth. As these cells group together, they bring with them the pigmentation melanin, giving this area of skin a darker appearance. Changes in estrogen levels, either during pregnancy or when a woman starts taking the contraceptive pill can also cause darkening.

Tips to even out your skin tone

#1 Remove dead skin cells

Keeping a fresh face starts with getting rid of impurities that can create a dull and lifeless skin tone. Dead skin cells and toxins from the environment build up to contribute to uneven skin. Biosource Daily Exfoliating Gelée , with its scrubbing microbeads, is a great way for even sensitive skin types to gently exfoliate every day.

#2 Protect with sunscreen

As a lot of uneven skin tone is caused by the sun, it’s vital to slather on sunscreen to protect it from further damage. Choose a high factor sunscreen or for the ultimate protection opt for our UV Supreme . Designed with brightening in mind, this silky fluid offers a potent protection against UV, as well as corn kernel extract to raise defence against pollution. Meanwhile Life Plankton keeps skin soothed, refreshed and hydrated.

#3 Targeted treatments

Studies have shown that some topical creams can be effective in treating dark spots, as well as a useful maintenance therapy afterwards. The illuminating hydro plumping cream, Blanc Therapy Gel , uses Actyl-C and Palmaria P extract to reduce existing dark spots, whilst Venuceane and active Vitamin E prevent further pigmentation and dullness. For a total brightening complex that sees off all major skin tone issues caused by city living, heat, UV, and that tackles reddish and yellowish tones, use Blanc Therapy Total Brightener.

#4 CC creams

We all need a helping hand towards flawless looking skin every now and then. Colour correctors can be an instant solution to hide discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Choose the best CC cream for you based on your main concerns. CC Ultra Anti Redness combats that flushed look, CC Ultra Anti Yellowish addresses unsightly colour issues, CC Ultra Strobing brightens your complexion, whilst CC Ultra Evenness smooths out skins irregularities.

Flawless skin no longer needs to be just a distant dream!

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