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How to find your perfect makeup remover match

There’s a makeup remover out there for you!

It can be hard to motivate yourself to wash your face after a long day at the office (or especially after a night out with friends). However, before your head hits your pillow, it’s very important to wipe away the buildup of makeup and pollution from the day. According to Dr. Dennis Gross, even if you’re still awake, cell mitosis (cell division) reaches its peak between 11 pm and midnight, the time when your skin really starts renewing and repairing itself. Don't block the process by having a face full of foundation or BB Cream! In order to remove your makeup in the most efficient and effective manner, you need to choose a makeup remover that's adapted to your specific skin type. Keep scrolling to find the right one for you!

Cleansing oil

Who it’s for: Combination to normal skin. It’s also great for dehydrated skin to help balance sebum production.

What it does: Cleansing oil dissolves makeup really well, without leaving you with a greasy feeling.

What to look for: A dual-action self-foaming cleanser like Biotherm’s Biosource Total Renew Oil. It starts out as oil and then turns into milky foam and gives skin a deep double-cleanse in one easy step.

Cleansing milk

Who it’s for: Dry skin.

What it does: Cleansing milk is gentle and has a rich creamy texture to prevent dry skin from feeling tight after the makeup removal process.

What to look for: A product that contains soothing, reparative active ingredients like Thermal Plankton™ which is found in Biosource Milk Dry Skin.

Micellar water

Who it’s for: Sensitive skin.

What it does: Micellar water is a soap-free, rinse-free formula. It contains micelles which draw impurities towards them, like dirt, sebum and makeup. In a few swipes of a cotton pad, the face is purified, cleansed and makeup free.

What to look for: A product that has toner in it as well, like Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water to simplify your nighttime skincare routine.

Top tip: For stubborn eye makeup, use an eye makeup remover, like Biocils Waterproof as a complement to your normal makeup remover.

Choose the right makeup remover for your skin type to get your skin clear and free of impurities. And don’t forget to always finish your nighttime skincare routine with serum and face cream to help nourish and repair your skin even further and get it sleeping better.

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