Take your pick and propel your beauty sleep with your perfect night mask

Get paired up with your ideal sleep partner

If you’re exclusively saving your face masks for those girly evenings in, then you’re missing out. Night Mask’s provide a great pampering pick me up for your skin, all whilst you sleep. For all you sleeping beauties out there, here’s how to find the right night mask for you and your skincare needs.

Why use a night mask?

Your body works hard behind the scenes day and night, but different cells do more at different times of the day. Studies have found that skin cell restoration is far more active at night , in fact it almost doubles, peaking between the hours of 11pm and 4am. It’s during sleep that the growth hormone (HGH) kicks in to increase blood flow to the skin, repair cellular damage, and regenerate the cells which produce collagen (the protein that keeps skin firm and stretchy). Getting a good night's sleep is so vital that a study from scientists at University Hospitals discovered sleep deprivation could actually cause your skin to age faster. It makes sense to take advantage of this healing time to give your skin an extra boost with a night mask.

How to choose the right night mask

Choosing the right night mask for you is largely about deciding what skincare objectives you are most looking to achieve.

#For healing

If your skin is feeling a little over-scheduled then Life Plankton Mask is what you need. Tired skin may have unsightly telltale signs in the form of fatigue. For skin that feels dry and tight, looks red, irritated and appears lifeless, this hydrogel leave-on face mask contains high concentration levels of Life Plankton. This living microorganism has revolutionary renewing properties to help you rise and shine to luminous, smoother, bouncier skin.

#For nourishing

A side effect of your skin’s busy nighttime routine is that you lose four times more water. For a super nourishing and hydrating solution, opt for Aquasource Everplump Night . It creates a natural second skin barrier to lock in plumping moisture all night long. This nourishing bounceback sleeping mask contains dark cultivated algae to help boost skin recovery and replenishment, for a revitalized and well rested appearance.

#For anti-aging

If targeting the signs of aging is your primary concern then Blue Therapy Cream-in-Oil has got your back. This combined oil and fusion gel works to reduce the signs of visible aging, by smoothing fine lines and returning skin’s bounce. Thanks to the restructuring power of sea sugar (Marine Connectum) and the repair of the natural-origin oils, skin feels deeply nourished when you wake.

Make the most of your shut eye with a night mask.

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