Beauty & sleep

Beauty & sleep

Heal your skin to achieve smooth skin overnight

We all know the importance of those precious night hours of beauty sleep. But with busy lives, packed schedules, parties, work commitments … there just aren’t enough hours in the day, or the night! Help is at hand: you can fake your beauty sleep. Here’s how to get a smooth face overnight with the<

The science behind our beauty sleep

Sleep is essential for the health of our mind, body and skin, however the National Sleep Foundation has found that 60% of Americans experience sleep problems almost every night, therefore affecting their overall wellbeing. However, skipping sleep can deeply affect our skin as shown by skin health experts at Advanced Dermatology, who explain that skin cells regenerate faster while we sleep. Those seemingly passive hours are actually a time of dynamic skin renewal that is triggered by the chemical activity going on during slumber, therefore beauty sleep is more than just a phrase.

Although getting 8 hours of sleep is certainly important, sometimes life can get in the way, so sometimes you need to fake your beauty sleep to get a smooth face overnight. Keep reading to understand the plumping, smoothing, rejuvenating overnight treatments that will make your face smooth and your skin look healthy and fully refreshed morning after morning!

Smooth skin starts with a healing facial essence

We know that a facial essence plays an integral part in our daily skincare regimens, however whilst we readily use one in the morning, it should also have an important role in our nighttime skincare routine. Facial essences are formulated with lightweight texture to penetrate deeply into our skin, delivering high levels of moisture not only to the epidermis to heal the surface of our skin, but also deep into the dermis to heal our complexion from within for our smoothest skin yet. Furthermore, facial essences act as a powerful primer for the rest of your skincare steps, ensuring that you get the most out of any subsequent products. Life Plankton Essence is formulated with the miracle microorganism that has a natural affinity for our skin’s membrane, which therefore opens up our skin to accept the products which follow. This rejuvenating and healing facial essence should be used as the step 0 to your skincare regimen at night in order to maximize the effects of your night mask, whilst also repairing and strengthening our skin to help it appear smoother and healthier day after day. In clinical trials conducted by scientists at Biotherm, they found that after 8 days, skin was transformed to appear as if newborn, with the complexion appearing 3 years younger after only 8 days of use (morning and night), and in the best performance, 13 years younger. What will this powerful facial essence do for your smooth skin?

Rejuvenate your skin as you sleep with a smooth skin face mask

For the ultimate smooth skin overnight, your complexion needs a rejuvenating and repairing boost with a powerful face mask. Be sure to apply quickly after using Life Plankton Essence in order to take full advantage of its deep penetration and healing properties. Follow up with Life Plankton Mask, which is concentrated at its highest level of Life Plankton and provides skin with powered-up recovery for an intensely healing and rejuvenating treatment. Furthermore, this deeply repairing face mask uses unique Fermogenesis technology to react to your skin’s condition, taking advantage of your boosted overnight cell regeneration by triggering extreme soothing, deep cellular repair and renewal. This sheet-inspired sleeping mask penetrates in to every area of your face, wrapping around your skin contours in order to repair every area of your complexion. Wake up to a complexion which has radiance reignited and bounce created, not to mention smooth skin overnight. 50 women tested this product over 4 weeks, using it twice-weekly, whereby 82% of participants said they noticed better quality skin upon awakening, and 84% noted more luminous skin.

Hydrate your skin in the morning for the ultimate smooth skin

After these healing treatments, it’s sure that we’ll wake up to repaired, revitalized, smoother skin, however be sure to give your complexion a boost in the morning. Sensitive, dry skin can often step in the way of smooth skin, therefore a targeted healing moisturizer is the perfect way to hydrate and repair your skin after your intense overnight treatments. Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion is specifically formulated for those with sensitive skin in order to regain even skin tone and texture, as well as improving sensitivity in the long-term for your smoothest skin yet. With the healing power of the microorganism, Life Plankton, concentrated at 5%, this fundamental moisturizing treatment soothes and reinforces skin. Overtime, skin becomes stronger and less reactive, appearing more luminous, smoother and more even than before.

Follow our tips for how to get a smooth face overnight, and greet the morning with fully hydrated, soothed and smoothed skin. No-one will ever know that you are faking your beauty sleep!

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