Refresh your skin so it's the only makeup you need

Who doesn’t love a couple of extra minutes in bed?

Have you ever dreamt of forgoing your daily morning make up regime? Of those extra minutes in bed? Of not scrubbing your face for hours to get rid of any pore-clogging products? Well, here in the #livemore editorial team, we think that less makeup and more skincare is the way forward, so here are our top tips to be happy in the skin you’re in as it’s all the makeup you need!

Exfoliate your way to a healthy glow

One of the main reasons that we love a bit of foundation is to even out our skin tone, so how would we deal with that without makeup? Uneven skin tone comes from a buildup of dead skin cells lying on our skin, as well as the circulation around our complexions slowing down. By regularly exfoliating, we can clear our skin of impurities as well as stimulating our blood circulation to leave skin glowing, even and smooth. Biosource Daily Exfoliating Gelée contains small pieces of volcanic rock to help cleanse skin as well as unclogging pores and blackheads, but also it’s enriched with Life Plankton and L. Saccharina algae to rejuvenate and refine skin day after day.

Target pore size

It’s tempting to see heavy makeup as the solution to smoothe out our skin when pores are looking larger than normal, however this can often actually have the reverse effect and be detrimental to our skin. Pores can shrink and enlarge depending on the health of the skin so make sure to use a product which nourishes and cleans our complexion to keep pores on the smaller side.

By regularly using a face mask such as Skin Best Wonder Mud, skin will look noticeably healthier, brighter and more even, and pores will be minimized. Formulated with a powerful antioxidant - Astaxanthin - and mineral clay, this powerful mask will dislodge any impurities from the skin to beat dullness and help skin breathe again.


Thanks to certain notable celebrities, contouring our faces to make our noses look slimmer, our jaws look more defined and our cheekbones to look higher than ever, is certainly a big part of our makeup regimes. So how could you shape your face without makeup? Well, facial yoga is the next big thing, using little exercises to help tone, lift and illuminate your skin. Exercise such as ‘the cheek press’, ‘fluttery eyes’ and ‘raised eyebrows’ will help to firm up your face without the highlighter.

Brighten your eyes

Get rid of your concealer, highlighter and the eyeshadow; here’s the way to really make your eyes pop. Dark circles are the result of not enough sleep, so it’s often tempting to cover up a multitude of sins with makeup. If you find that life gets in the way of your beauty sleep, be sure to give your skin some night care. Aquasource Night Spa replenishes and nourishes your skin for intense hydration overnight, leaving your complexion transformed, looking more even and fresher than ever before.

To really illuminate your eyes, use a targeted treatment to help rejuvenate this area. Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer helps to cool the area around your eyes, reducing the appearance of bags and dehydration lines to revitalize your look. Enriched with caffeine, vitamin B and Sakura Leaf Extract, this ultra-light moisturizer will awaken your eyes!

Put down your foundation and follow these tricks for your freshest, most natural look yet!

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