Pregnancy can offer its fair share of challenges, however our skin shouldn't compromise.

Pregnancy can offer its fair share of challenges, however our skin shouldn't compromise.

How to get glowing skin during pregnancy

Pregnancy can offer its fair share of challenges, however our skin shouldn’t compromise. The 9 months carrying our future child should be one of the most magical, special times of our lives, but often the hormonal changes and stress on our body can drag us, and our skin, down. Keep reading for the ultimate ski

The science behind a natural pregnancy glow

Those of us that are particularly lucky have the type of skin that radiates health during our pregnancy. This low maintenance skin type requires little attention and tends to appear in the second trimestre. This ‘pregnancy glow’ is caused by an increase in blood volume to all organs as well as your baby. In turn, this volume increases the number of blood vessels present on the face, and therefore accelerates the amount of sebum produced to give the skin a dewy glow.

However, not all of us are so lucky, and whether we’re embracing strange recipe combinations or suffering from hormonal imbalances, our skin can be affected, leaving it dull, uneven and susceptible to blemishes. During pregnancy, it’s difficult to control our cravings, therefore improving our skin’s health through our diet can be problematic. When it comes down to fundamentals, the right level and quality of skin care is what will save your skin during pregnancy. Here are our tips for how to maintain glowing skin to look radiant during this special time.

Skincare Tip #1: Heal your complexion for glowing skin during your pregnancy

During pregnancy, our skin can suffer thanks to hormonal imbalances and unpredictable dietary behaviours. As the essential step 0 to any skincare routine, be sure to adopt Life Plankton Essence in order to heal tired, overworked skin. This powerful microorganism is 35-strong in vitamins, nutrients and amino acids, and has a high affinity to the skin membrane in order to provide our complexion with a highly rejuvenating experience. As you wait for your newborn, treat yourself to newborn skin. Life Plankton Essence has a texture which is as light as water yet as effective as a serum to transform skin in as little as 8 days.

Skincare tip #2: Cleanse effectively to control your oily skin during your pregnancy

During pregnancy, our skin can often suffer from hormonal imbalances which can lead to oily skin. In order to avoid greasy skin, clogged pores and blemishes be sure to adopt a few effective skincare steps.

Firstly, be sure to cleanse your skin both morning and night with a gentle, pH balanced cleanser such as Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water. Created with Life Plankton, this cleanser offers a deeply healing experience whilst also performing 3-in-1 cleansing action; purifying, toning and effectively removing oil-based makeup.

For deep cleansing, incorporate a clay mask treatment in to your skincare routine twice weekly to absorb excess oil in the skin. Skin Best Wonder Mud is formulated with Ghassoul mineral clay to get your skin looking fresh and purified. Furthermore the use of the antioxidant Astaxanthin helps to combat dullness whilst absorbing impurities and oil to leave skin looking noticeable healthier, brighter and more even.

Skincare Tip #3: Hydration is fundamental for glowing skin during pregnancy

With hormonal changes, more demands on your energy and stamina, it’s no wonder that skin can become dry, more sensitive and stressed during pregnancy. Use fundamental hydrating care to moisturize, protect and heal your epidermis during pregnancy for glowing skin.

Aquasource Gel is formulated with Life Plankton and the hydrating ingredient, Mannose, for a deeply nourishing experience. Whatever the conditions or the skin type, skin is kept intensely hydrated hour after hour, for your most water-plumped, glowing complexion yet. In fact, in a study of 24 women, participants stated on average that their skin felt 105% more hydrated than before. Furthermore, of the 50 women assessed over a 4 week period, 74% of women said that their skin looked more luminous and 84% found their skin to feel more comfortable - exactly what you want for glowing skin during pregnancy.

Skincare tip #4: Color care to restore glowing skin during pregnancy

According to Dermalogica and the International Dermal Institute, research has shown that up to 75% of women can develop hyperpigmentation during pregnancy. Thanks to fluctuating hormones, uneven skin tone and fading glow is often experienced throughout the 9 months, however there are ways to add a little bit of glow to your complexion.

Aquasource Water CC provides complete hydrating care, creating the perfect glowing skin. With the SPF50 PA+++, when your skin is under strain this hydrating product gives you comprehensive protection against any further damage from the sun, and protection from sun-induced premature aging. Aquasource Water CC adds the most delicate and subtle pigment corrector you can imagine with its beautifully silky water-light texture. It will banish dullness, redness and blemishes as if they were never there, leaving brightened and glowing skin.

Skincare tip #5: Sit back, relax and enjoy your pregnancy for glowing skin

Pregnancy should be a time of happiness, however we also know that it’s not always that simple. Stress during pregnancy can often have a negative impact on the health of our skin, so take a second to sit back, breathe and relax throughout the 9 months. Incorporate a healing face mask to rejuvenate while you sleep; power up both your skin and your mind! Aquasource Night Spa is a triple effect night balm to rehydrate, smooth and soothe your skin overnight. Replenish moisture levels thanks to its recipe of Life Plankton and Polynesian Marine Organism Extract, and wake up morning after morning.

Get illuminated skin during your pregnancy. After all, if you can’t look natural, glowing and serene at this special time of your life, when can you? Relax, enjoy, and let your skin glow!

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