Glowing skin: 5 tips for a fresh, luminous complexion, even in winter

Don’t let winter weather dampen your spirits or dull your skin

The holiday season, comfort food, and curling up on the sofa with a glass of red wine. Winter definitely has its perks. By now though, that summer sunkissed glow is starting to feel like a distant memory and your skin may be suffering from the winter blues. Inject a fresh and luminous complexion back into your life, even as the winter winds are howling, with our 5 top tips.

Getting that summer glow all year long

Tip #1 Hydrate

Many of us drink less water in winter as we turn towards hot drinks like cocoa, tea and coffee to warm us up. Yet your skin needs hydration to stay healthy and studies have shown that a higher intake of water positively impacts skin physiology. Just like any other organ in your body, skin is formed from cells that are predominantly made up of water. It then stands to reason that without enough water your skin won’t function as well. Dehydration may make your skin less resilient, duller in appearance and even increase the signs of aging.

Tip #2 Shorten your showers

Whilst there are some benefits to the occasional steamy shower, when the temperature outside drops, don’t be tempted to turn up the water temperature. Long, hot showers strip your skin of the precious moisture it needs to stay luminous this winter. Instead, wash in warm water and keep showers as short as possible.

Tip #3 Moisturize

During winter, your skin has a tougher time as it faces extreme temperatures from both the cold weather outside and heaters inside. This yoyo-ing serves to dry out skin and potentially make it more sensitive. Moisturizers work by hydrating and forming a protective barrier on the skin to lock moisture in. With Aquasource Gel , no matter what the conditions, your skin stays water-plumped and radiant hour after hour. Thanks to its formula, containing regenerating Life Plankton and moisturizing Mannose, your skin receives a 48-hour continuous hydration release.

Tip #4 Use face masks

Help your hard working skin towards a fresher complexion this winter by giving it an extra boost in the form of a face mask. Life Plankton Mask soothes and intensely repairs to reignite radiance and give your skin the bounce you crave. Used twice a week, whilst you sleep, this leave-on mask blends 35 skin nutrients with our most concentrated dose of Life Plankton.

Tip #5 Targeted treatments

Your skin has different needs according to the seasons, yet most people don’t think to change their skincare routine or the products they use. Whilst summer skin may be battling shine, winter skin is often crying out for an oil rich formula. Liquid Glow Skin Best offers an instant fix and revive its glow. The first dry oil to be concentrated with one of the most powerful antioxidant algae extracts leaves your complexion naturally enhanced.

Summer may be long gone, but winter skin can be just as fresh and luminous if you follow these tips.

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