Keep blemishes at bay with the ultimate healing routine

Don’t be held hostage by adult acne, discover how to save your skin from blemishes

Largely due to hormones and made worse by chronic stress, a bout of blemishes or adult acne can strike at any age. It’s a condition that’s on the rise, with the Journal of American Academy of Dermatology reporting 54 percent of women older than 25 have some facial acne. Affecting women more than men, experts suggest the increase could be down to the additional responsibilities that modern multitasking women are juggling. The mix of work pressure, busy home life and monthly changing hormones creates a potent cocktail of acne triggers.

Caring for acne prone skin the right way

As well as looking at lifestyle factors that contribute to outbreaks of pimples, establishing an appropriate beauty routine is crucial. You may be inadvertently making things worse by attempting to treat your acne the wrong way, or by using the wrong kinds of product. The best regimen for acne focuses on removing excess oil and clearing pores to prevent further breakouts, whilst soothing and healing skin of existing blemishes.

The ultimate healing skin care routine

When skin feels greasy we may be tempted to over scrub, or harshly cleanse the face to try and feel clean. This only serves to inflame skin and risk spreading bacteria. Alkaline soap and products with high alcohol content may also irritate sensitive skin. Choose a gentle yet effective cleanser, like Biosource Milk , enriched with the strengthening and soothing properties of Life Plankton. Following up with a toner can help to remove any excess oil from the skin and further fight blemishes. Purefect Skin Toner contains a marine algae that targets imperfection-causing bacteria. This micro-exfoliating astringent toner removes dead cells, reduces shine and restores a healthy balance to your skin.

After cleansing and toning, it is time to apply any targeted blemish treatments. Salicylic acid is an ingredient widely used to treat acne. It is particularly effective because its unique structure makes it oil soluble, thus better at penetrating pores. Once there, it exfoliates the inside pore walls, to quickly reduce the appearance of blemishes. Purefect Skin Targeted Solution combines salicylic acid with liquorice root extract, known for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, for a drying solution that accelerates healing.

During outbreaks, make sure you continue to moisturize, as dehydrated skin is actually at greater risk of imperfections. The key is to avoid pore clogging ingredients and choose gels as opposed to oil based creams. Aquasource Gel plumps skin full of water and comes in a cooling weightless gel texture. Packed with regenerating Life Plankton that supports skin through 35 nutrients and antioxidant properties, it offers blemish prone skin all the hydration it needs.

To further unclog pores, support your daily skin routine with a cleansing mask twice a week. Skin Best Wonder Mud harnesses the naturally purifying power of mineral clay and combines it with the powerful antioxidant Astaxanthin to absorb oil and impurities.

Consistency is key in clearing skin from imperfections, but results won’t come overnight. Be patient with your routine and remember you are paving the way for healing!

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