The ultimate guide to perfect your tan this summer

Hot nights and even hotter days means there’s only one thing on our minds: how to glow to perfection!

A study by Emory University has shown that 92.7% of participants found tanned skin more attractive and 79.2% felt better about themselves with a healthy glow; however, amidst all the excitement, it’s important to play safe in the sun. Know all the facts and follow these simple steps to perfect your tan this summer…


Be sure to exfoliate pre-exposure to get rid of any dead skin cells on the dermis which could block UV rays and result in an uneven tan. However, it’s important to keep our touch and product light as experts suggest deep exfoliation can remove too many of our skin’s protective layers and increase sun sensitivity by 45% . Try Biotherm’s Oil Therapy Huile de Gommage to gently exfoliate skin whilst benefiting from its nourishing precious oils; rose mosqueta, passion flower and apricot, and prep skin for that perfect golden glow.

Always SPF

Contrary to the beliefs of many tanning enthusiasts, you can still bronze whilst wearing sunscreen, and it’s far better for our skin as it reduces the chance of sun damage and post-tan peeling, giving you a long-lasting tan. For those with darker skin, melanin alone can provide the equivalent of SPF 13.4, compared to 3.4 for paler skin, but this being said, we all still burn eventually - so SPF is a must! Give Creme Solaire Anti-Âge a try for the ultimate in protecting your complexion from harmful UV rays, whilst also containing the miracle ingredient, Life Plankton, to keep skin youthful and to fight against sun induced wrinkles and dark spots.

Don’t forget to reapply! Sunscreen is only effective for a maximum of 2 hours, and perhaps even less after we plunge into the pool or naturally exfoliate whilst lying in the sand, so make sure you top up to bronze to perfection.

Watch the clock

Experts have found that our skin reaches a tanning cut-off point where it can’t produce any more melanin that day. This tends to be around two or three hours, or far less for those with fair skin, so take time to tan and save your skin from UV damage. Skin cells renew every ten days, so the slower we tan, the longer it will last!


Moisturizing before and after a day in the sun is the key ingredient to our tanning recipe. Keep skin silky smooth, focusing on those areas that dry the quickest such as elbows, ankles and lower legs to avoid any signs of an uneven tan. Rehydrate and repair skin post-bronzing with Sun After Body Cream to beautify and prolong that tan for as long as possible, and an added bonus - it leaves a pearly sheen on our skin to enhance the glow.

Eat sun-friendly foods

Tomatoes are a delicious skin superfood which contain antioxidants to both protect and promote radiant skin. Tomatoes are rich in beta-carotene which can warm up our natural skin tone and create a natural tan. And it doesn’t stop there: the lycopene in tomatoes can boost our natural sun protection by 33%, so be sure to eat your way to tanned perfection - you don’t need to ask us twice!

Fake it to make it!

We love to channel our bronzed goddess, but sometimes our skin doesn’t always comply, so why not top up that tan with a little extra bottled help? Although self tan offers no sun protection, it can stop you from the first day ‘pale panic’, which can often result in overexposure and burning. We love Autobronzant Tonique to give us an instant, even, golden glow with no sun in sight! Plus, with a healthy, radiant complexion, forgo makeup this summer in favour of a more natural, sunkissed look, and realise the numerous skin-beautifying benefits! 

Stay committed to these simple tips and tricks, and get a gorgeously golden tan that will be the envy of all your friends, day after day… After day!

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