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How to get through a family reunion stress-free (and blemish-free!)

Bye-bye awkward conversations and family feuds...

The bi-annual, annual, or almost-never family reunion is approaching and, while it's always great to catch up with the cousins and joke around with great aunt Jane, there's bound to be more than a few (unintentional) moments of tension. You're never too sure where the drama comes from, but you certainly don't want any stress blemishes being the topic of conversation during dessert. Here are some recommendations for how to keep those cortisol (the stress hormone) levels low to keep your skin looking flawless.

Put your best face - and hands - forward

Looking good makes you feel good, so treat yourself to a little pampering the night before with a face mask, like Biotherm’s Skin Best Wonder Mud and a manicure. A soak in the bath while you're waiting for the mask to work its wonders, or diving into a book while your polish dries, will also relax you, ensuring a glowing complexion and stress-free party persona. And don’t forget to apply hand cream for super soft hands!

Be prepared for question time

It's all in the preparation. If you can foresee potential pitfalls, you're more likely to be able to seamlessly avoid them, or at least manage a calm response. This especially applies to questions relating to your personal and professional lives, for example, "So, are you getting serious with *significant other*?" (with all its implications) and "Where do you see your career going?". If you've already got the replies up your sleeve, any potential frustration will roll off like water off a duck's back...

Learn to divert and extract

A great technique when you find yourself, or can see someone else, falling into a conversation that might dampen the atmosphere, or turn up the heat in an unwanted way, is to divert. Subtly and politely, of course, but everyone at the table will thank you for it. If no diversion is possible, it's time to save yourself and a) decide you need to go to the bathroom or b) is that your phone ringing?

"Can I help?"

These are the best three words when it comes to avoiding potential confrontations. Offer to help in the kitchen, volunteer to clean up, or play with the kids. You'll avoid any long, drawn-out and potentially stressful conversations, and everyone will leave with a good impression of your behavior. Win-win!

If you follow our tips before the big family reunion this holiday season, stress won’t be able to take over and ruin your gorgeous complexion!

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