Guys, get to grips with your anti-aging skincare routine

How to keep fresh faced regardless of your age.

Here’s the good news guys: your skin actually ages better than women’s. But before you breathe a sigh of relief, that doesn’t mean you can avoid those wrinkles forever. After 30, men’s production of the skin-firming protein, collagen, starts to drop, but putting just a bit of work in will keep you looking your best.

How men’s skin ages

Experts from The International Dermal Institute explain that men and women’s skin is different (the beard is a bit of a giveaway), but you may not realise how that affects the way in which guys age. Testosterone levels mean that men have much thicker skin (by 25%). Men also produce more collagen, which is responsible for giving skin elasticity and keeping it strong. But that doesn’t mean that men’s skin doesn’t start to show the telltale signs of aging, in the form of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. When men hit 30 they lose collagen at a rate of 1% every year. Men, get to grips with your anti-aging routine - the earlier you start, the better!

The impact lifestyle has on your skin

Mother nature seems to have given men a head start to looking younger, but lifestyle plays such a huge part that you could be unwittingly throwing that advantage away. Women are more likely to use sunscreen on their faces than men. As the World Health Organisation says, up to 90% of visible changes attributed to aging may be down to sun exposure , so men, you guys are leaving yourselves exposed to early aging!

How to stay looking as young as you feel

A good skincare routine may sound complicated and a lot of effort, but putting in the time will leave you with great rewards. Throughout your life, factors like a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and exercising will contribute to keeping skin at its best. But no matter your age, there’s also a skincare routine to help slow down the hands of time:

For the first signs of aging: Aging is unique and so the signs of aging appear differently for everyone. Do yourself a favour and get into the habit of using a really good sunscreen. UV Defense Ultra Light Texture, with SPF 50, provides a tough sun and pollution shield all in one. To help prevent premature aging, fight back against daily urban aggressors like pollution, dust and smoke with Age Fitness Advanced Day which protects skin whilst targeting the first signs of aging with its regenerating formula.

For mature skin: More mature skin not only needs to protect, but also correct existing signs of aging. Our Force Supreme range offers the anti-aging boost you need. Force Supreme Life Essence uses the powerful regenerating properties of Life Plankton for a visibly more youthful look. To combat multi signs of aging in men 40+ Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream helps reshape skin layer by layer for strength and a youthful appearance.

Adopting a good skincare routine means that you can get older and wiser without your skin giving away your age.

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