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How to get your body in shape for the holiday season

This Christmas, give yourself the gift of a fit body.

Let’s face it: we all love to eat, and eat, and eat, over the holidays. In fact, many people consume around 6,000 calories on Christmas day, which is almost three times the daily recommended amount (and equivalent to 12 big macs!). While it’s totally fine to indulge once in a while, it never hurts to schedule a few extra workouts before December. It will help you feel like you have more “wiggle room” – literally – to enjoy all of the delicious food!

To get a stronger body: In-Trinity

If you’ve never heard of this sport before, it’s normal. It originated in the United States, but it’s slowly becoming more popular in other countries. In an In-Trinity class, exercises are done on an inclined board so that you use gravity and negative space to become stronger, more flexible, and to have better balance and coordination.

To get legs of steel: Indoor cycling

Indoor cycling is a hot fitness trend at the moment. The classes are fun, energetic, and you can burn anywhere between 600 and 800 calories in an hour! Cycling can also help with cellulite…so long as you give it your all while you’re on the bike!

To get a slim waist: Hula hooping

Who didn’t love to hula hoop as a kid? Reconnect with your inner child and break out this favorite fitness accessory from the 1980s. Hula hooping is a cardiovascular activity that will get your heart rate up, and the circular movements will help define and slim your waistline. You’ll also notice that it’s a full body workout to keep the hula hoop from falling!

To get #MOREFIT (or just keep your killer figure) during the holiday season, start exercising more today!

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