8-day challenge...give radiance to your complexion this winter

To get a glow quickly, follow this illuminating skincare regimen

Here in the #livemore editorial team, we love winter. Cozying up on a sofa, looking cute in our bobble hats and enjoying casual strolls through the refreshingly cold atmosphere are what we live for, however one thing we could do without is the dull, lackluster skin that winter can bring. This season, we want glowing skin and are challenging ourselves to reignite radiance in our complexion in just over a week, so keep reading to learn exactly how we did it.

Upgrade your cleansing routine with a clay mask

As beauty enthusiasts, we know that cleansing lies at the heart of healthy skin. However, to really bring some glow to our complexions, we had to go one step further. Enter, Skin Best Wonder Mud . Clinically proven to deeply purify skin thanks to its composition of Ghassoul Mineral clay and Astaxanthin, this mask will help to achieve purified and cleaner skin, fast. When used twice a week, we noticed a huge change in our skin texture, with the size of our pores reduced and our complexion more even, with a gentle, luminous glow.

Heal your skin with Life Plankton Essence

To be used after cleansing as the step 0 in your skincare routine, Life Plankton Essence is fundamental in achieving a holiday glow in no time.Delivering essential nourishment and rejuvenative properties deep into our dermis, skin appeared instantly brighter and renewed. Research has shown that this highly effective microorganism can work its magic in only 8 days to create newborn skin, and this is something that we too could back up. Our skin looked bouncier, smoother, more even and more radiant.

Target your glow and reignite radiance in your skin with a serum

Serums are an integral part of a skincare regimen which is looking to combat specific concerns. Thanks to their lightweight textures, these oil-based concentrates have tiny molecules, smaller than that of lotions or creams, to work their way deep into your skin and deliver these highly concentrated ingredients directly to the source of the problem. For a quick glow, we recommend the Aquasource Deep Serum . Concentrated three times that of original Aquasource formulas, this serum hydrates and renews the skin by delivering a healthy dose of Life Plankton and nourishing properties into your complexion. Regenerated and replenished, this serum is a must-have in your glowing skincare routine.

Hydrate your skin with a glow-creating moisturizer

There’s no question that radiant skin requires the miracle powers of moisture, to keep skin cells nourished to carry out their vital functions. Aquasource Gel is formulated with Mannose; a sugar monomer that delivers hydration to the skin whilst also reinforcing our natural barrier and helping to prevent moisture loss. Combined with Life Plankton, this adaptive, hydrating gel promises up to 48 hours of hydration to keep skin glowing morning, noon and night.

On-the-go skincare

In this mission to get radiant skin in just 8 days, we weren’t leaving anything to chance. Topping up our skincare on-the-go was essential to get the glow, and fast.Not only does Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist , replenish moisture levels, but it is also formulated with SPF 50 to keep our skin defended against any environmental aggressors which could damage our skin. Its anti-pollution adhesion agent ensured that impurities were unable to sit on our skin throughout the day, combatting dull, lackluster skin, for a luminous complexion.

Boost your skin at night

To really upgrade your glowing skin, you’ll need a night mask. By applying a healing, nourishing mask before you go to sleep, you can reap the rewards of your highest rate of cellular regeneration overnight and wake up to glowing skin. We chose the Life Plankton Mask to heal and reignite radiance in our complexion. Highly concentrated in Life Plankton, it reacts to your skin’s condition and triggers deep cellular repair and renewal, for luminous skin overnight.

The Verdict

With this complete, targeted skincare routine, it was no problem to get skin glowing in only 8 days. Each treatment played its own part in illuminating our skin, replenishing and nourishing it for our healthiest complexion yet. However, the skincare heavyweight really lay with Life Plankton Essence. For newborn, glowing skin in only 8 days, apply before your morning and nighttime skincare routine for a healthy, winter glow.

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