3 beauty essentials to heal your rosacea this winter

You don’t need to put up with red blotchy skin this season

Rosacea may begin with a tendency to blush more easily, but it can slowly spread from flushes on the cheeks and nose, to colour that sweeps across the chin and forehead too. Often embarrassing and unsightly, the condition can be made worse in winter. In a survey, 72% of rosacea sufferers said cold temperatures affected flare-ups. Even if you’re not one of the millions regularly battling rosacea, at this time of year a bout of seasonal redness is an all too common affliction.

What causes rosacea and skin redness?

Redness, visible blood vessels and even little red bumps are the symptoms of rosacea, yet the actual cause remains unknown. It’s likely down to a mixture of hereditary and environmental factors. Common triggers involve extreme temperatures, sun, wind, when you drink alcohol, hot drinks, spicy foods, exercise and even your emotions. You’re also far more likely to suffer from rosacea if you’re a woman, over 30 and have fairer skin. Simple skin redness, like that caused by winter winds, on the other hand is down to the skin bringing blood closer to the surface to try and heat itself.

Spare your blushes with 3 beauty essentials

As well as avoiding triggers, treating rosacea and winter redness should focus on controlling the symptoms and signs. The key is to make sure you are looking after already irritated skin, protecting and soothing at the same time.

#1: A gentle yet deep cleanser

Drying soaps or cleansers containing a variety of astringents and irritants, which can be the enemy of delicate skin prone to redness. Therefore when it comes to cleaning your face there is one important rule: be delicate. Biosource Balm-in-Oil is a deep cleanser and make-up remover that instantly hydrates your skin without leaving a greasy finish. The balm quickly melts into a silky oil before becoming a comforting milk that removes impurities gently yet effectively. It’s enriched with healing Life Plankton, soothing Shea butter and Tropical oil for softer and more radiant looking skin.

#2: A hydrating moisturizer

Use a creamy moisturizer that delivers vital water to your skin, whilst simultaneously helping to enhance it’s natural lipid barrier. Aquasource Gel delivers a cooling and soothing dose of moisture that enables skin to keep hydration at its just applied maximum for seven hours. Deeply healing, this powerful moisturizer is enriched in the extraordinary microorganism, Life Plankton, formulated with a 35-strong concentration of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, to help repair and rejuvenate skin. When combined with the hydrating natural sugar, Mannose, this refreshing gel leaves skin feeling stronger, more comfortable and more radiant.

#3: Color corrector

To give your skin a boost this winter and even out your skin tone for luminous, healthy-looking skin, we suggest the Blanc Therapy CC Anti-Redness . This five-in-one color and correction base, in green tone, counter balances reddish patches. Regenerating Life Plankton boosts skin, whilst SPF 50 offers strong protection against UV damage. This subtle yet illuminating coverage is the lifeline your skin has been crying out for to hide outbreaks of rosacea.

Arm yourself with these 3 essentials to say bye bye to red blotchy skin this wintertime.

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