Boardroom beauty: heal your skin at work this winter

Your skin’s worst enemy during the cold season is most likely lurking in your workplace

Whilst cold conditions outside can irritate skin, it’s often the effect of extreme temperatures caused by overheated interiors that really dry it out. At work there’s not a lot you can do to stop the stream of hot air that’s pumped into your office, but you can take action to help heal skin from the effects of winter.

Your essential office toolkit to combat the winter blues

During winter dry, flaky “crocodile” skin that can feel chapped, red and itchy becomes a constant battle. As we spend most of our daytime in the workplace, here are the 4 things to keep close to your desk to have glowing, fresh skin throughout the working week:

#1 A bottle of water

This should be in your work survival kit all year round, but when temperatures drop we can forget how important staying hydrated is. Your body loses large amounts of water every day and the water you drink will reach all other organs before the skin. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day will help the body and skin to get rid of toxins. If you’re craving warm drinks at this time of year, then ditch the dehydrating coffee in favour of a hot water and lemon instead, for an even bigger boost to your skin’s wellness.

#2 Hand Cream

Hands are one of your bodies most hard working employees: always exposed to the elements, in and out of water all day and largely neglected from a daily beauty routine. It’s a wonder your hands didn’t decide to go on strike long ago considering what you put them through. In winter, hands can suffer even more, so show them some TLC with Biomains . This multi performance treatment for hands and nails reinforces your skin’s natural barrier with hydrating agents and vitamin F. Apply several times throughout the day, as regular use fights the signs of aging thanks to the cream's UV filters and anti free radicals system.

#3 Lip balm

The skin on your lips is super sensitive and exposed, so chapped lips become a common complaint during winter. For smooth and plump lips, try the nourishing formula of Beurre de Lèvres lip balm. The butter-like texture contains 5 natural vegetable oils and acacia sugar to leave lips feeling lusciously plumped with moisture.

#4 Facial mist

As well as choosing an extra hydrating moisturizer, like Aquasource Cocoon which delivers intense nourishment and protection for dry skin to survive winter, boost hydration levels during your day with a facial mist. Not only will it provide a refreshing pick me up during your afternoon office slump, it also offers ideal hydration on the go. What’s great about a facial mist is that they pass through make-up to revive your skin, without ruining your look. With Aquasource Essence-in-Mist , intense moisture and an instant glow are just a spray away. Hydrating ingredients like regenerating Life Plankton, moisturizing mannose and water sealing glycerin, make this your ideal desk companion for overheated offices.

Get to work on creating soft, hydrated and healed skin this winter season.

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