Winter glow: help your skin survive the office holiday party

Celebrate the holidays without all the telltale signs the next day

There’s no denying that late nights and all that holiday cheer can take its toll on your skin. Cold weather causing irritation, heaters stripping your skin of moisture, and all the extra toxins from indulging in your favourite food and drink can steal your glow. But there’s no need to be a party pooper with help at hand to bring back skin’s radiance, even after a night of perhaps too much fun!

Before you go to bed:

You’ve danced the night away and are just about ready to drop, so let’s keep things simple. Whilst you’re probably not going to be in the mood for lengthy skincare routines, don’t be tempted to crawl into bed without removing makeup. Make life easier with a 3 in 1 makeup remover, cleanser and toner like Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water . Its multi-detox complex removes impurities and refreshes in one speedy step.

Whilst you’re busy dreaming, your body is working hard behind the scenes to recover and regenerate. Make the most of this healing time without any extra effort on your part by applying a nighttime mask. The leave-on Life Plankton Mask uses the most concentrated levels of its deeply repairing Life Plankton formulate to reignite radiance in overscheduled skin. That way you can cheat your way to waking up to luminous, smoother and bouncier skin.

TOP TIP: Just before your head hits the pillow, be sure to drink a big glass of water to help rehydrate your skin.

When you wake up the next morning:

After a few hits on the snooze button you’re finally awake and ready to inject an extra glow into, what’s potentially, fairly tired skin. To give your complexion the extra boost it may need, reach for Liquid Glow Skin Best . This hydrating dry oil contains one of the most powerful antioxidant algae extracts, to instantly smooth and enhance skin tone.

One of the first places to suffer from the effects of a late night is the delicate eye area. Alcohol, cigarettes or sleep deprivation are some lifestyle factors that contribute to dark circles and unsightly bags. Banish them with the help of Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer. This flash eye awakener helps to cool, de-puff, lighten and smooth dehydration lines, becoming your secret weapon against tired eyes.

To finish off your fresh faced look for the day, consider using a correcting CC Cream. The multi tasking Aquasource Water CC works on dullness, blemishes and redness to bring luminosity and brightness back to skin.

TOP TIP: Grab a green juice on your way to work or prepare a detox water to help purify your liver, which is an essential part of keeping skin clear and healthy.

Use this survival routine for post party skin that will be the envy of all your colleagues.

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