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How to host a vegan holiday feast from starter to dessert

Learn to love the variety of vegan dinner options.

You're hosting a dinner party and, among your special guests, you have one or more vegans. Don't panic! Being vegan has a lot of undeserved stigma around it, with people assuming it's difficult to cook for. But with these ideas for a delicious dinner, you'll see how this lifestyle choice is not as restrictive as you'd think.

Start fresh and crunchy

Crudités are an easy starter and are ideal to get a vegan dinner party going. Get those taste buds going with some sliced carrots, cucumber and baby tomatoes, accompanied by a baked spinach, vegan mozzarella and artichoke dip, or a vegan-friendly tzatziki to bring back memories of sun-soaked holidays in Greece...

Tofu tzatziki

The main event

Along with a mouth-watering array of fresh salads, why not impress your guests with a vegan curry? Use sweet potato, chickpea and spinach and drizzle a coconut milk sauce over a bed of rice. For even more taste, a three-bean spicy chili made using chickpeas, cannellini, kidney beans and lashings of spices will show everyone that vegan food doesn't lack flavor - quite the opposite!

Sweet potato chickpea spinach curry

Sweet success

Hopefully your guests will have saved enough space for dessert! Depending on the season, you could whip up some vegan-friendly peanut butter and chocolate chip ice cream using banana as a base, or make a warming rice pudding using cashew milk and coconut. Or, stick with a classic favorite and offer chocolate cupcakes, using virgin coconut oil and almond milk instead of dairy. Nobody will be able to tell the difference!

Chocolate orange cupcakes

Drink aware

Did you know that not all drinks are vegan-friendly? Wine, for example, is often produced using animal-derived "fining agents", and beer production sometimes involves animal products in the filtering process. Be careful to check the label on the back of whatever beverage you're planning to serve at your soirée.

Enjoy your delicious vegan dinner!

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