More than just a drop in the ocean: heal your skin today for your planet tomorrow

A small step can go a long way.

The butterfly effect: a concept with theorizes that small causes can have larger effects. What if we can apply this to our skincare regime and the environment? By incorporating small ecological practises and environmentally-friendly products into our daily lives, we can help to change the future of our planet, so why not start with our beauty routine?

Protecting our Blue Heart with Biotherm

With the creation of their Waterlovers platform which encourages research into blue biotechnology, sustainable practices and ecological product formulas, as well as their work alongside Mission Blue, Biotherm are committed to raising awareness for the health of our oceans. Since 2012, the WaterLovers initiative has supported Dr Sylvia Earle and the Mission Blue team, donating more than €700,000 towards furthering their work. Dedicated to exploring and caring for the ocean, this foundation selects Hope Spots in order to target certain areas of the ocean to restore and protect.

Heal the ocean with a new Hope Spot in Svalbard, Spitzbergen

In the past, Mission Blue and Biotherm have chosen Hope Spots in Antarctica, The Arctic, the Eastern Pacific Seascape and Fiji, focusing on a range of different causes including protection of polar bears, coral reefs, turtles and marine ecosystems.

This year, the team are focusing their efforts on Svalbard, Spitzbergen in Norway, seeking to fund a critical research project on global warming. Located in the chilly waters between mainland Norway and the North Pole, this diverse ecological system is home to unique habitats and marine species that are found nowhere else in the world, however are threatened by the effects of global warming. What with ice melting and the glaciers retreating, species such as polar bears, arctic birds and marine life are struggling to live in these unpredictable conditions. Biotherm and Mission Blue therefore are looking to fund research into the threats posed to this harsh environment, and raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on this vibrant eco-system, through the promotion of their limited edition skincare range.

Heal your skin with Biotherm’s limited charity editions

Each year, Biotherm create a range of limited edition skincare saviours in order to raise funds for their chosen Hope Spot; this year, Svalbard.

The step 0 to any beauty regime, Life Plankton Essence now comes in limited edition. This regenerative microorganism is infused at its highest concentration for a miracle skin renewing treatment. This breakthrough texture is as light as a cosmetic water yet as powerful as a serum for the ultimate healing effect. Expect to see and feel new born skin in only 8 days!

As a part of the limited edition charity range, Biotherm have also added the hydration powerhouse, Aquasource Gel, to the line up. Formulated with Life Plankton and Mannose, this extra-charged moisturizer gives your skin up to 48 hours of hydration in one application. Skin is left water-plumped, radiant and smooth like never before!

Lait Corporel is a staple of our whole body moisturizing routine, so why not reap the nourishing benefits of this powerful product whilst also contributing to a good cause? Enriched with moisturizing and nourishing agents, as well as Vitamin D, this anti-drying body milk instantly helps to repair flaky skin, restore the skin’s protective barrier and protect its natural elasticity, leaving you feeling smooth and satiny day after day.

Add these powerful products into your beauty routine, and help to save the planet and your skin!

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