Winter is coming, so keep your sensitive skin enveloped in ultimate protection

Tis the season to ramp up your skincare regime.

Chilly weather and biting winds can be harsh on sensitive skin. We’re already missing our daily dose of Vitamin D, but it’s not just the extreme conditions outside we have to contend with. Inside, our skin’s being blasted with overheated workplaces and homes. It’s time to get tough to protect your sensitive side this winter.

Winter skin woes

Do you ever feel your skin getting drier and tighter as the temperature drops? Most of our winter skin grumbles are caused by dehydration. A lack of humidity in the environment during colder months, coupled with the drying effects of heaters, zaps the skin of moisture. When our outermost layer of skin is stripped of water it cannot function properly and so we lose our bodies naturally protective barrier. Exposed areas like the face and hands are often the first to suffer the effects.

Protecting your skin this winter

You don’t have to take what winter throws at your skin lying down! Here’s how to fight back:

Moisturize: Reintroduce the lost moisture to your skin. For a truly tough moisturizer, use Aquasource Gel, which is targeted specifically to provide your skin with intense nourishment and hydration to leave skin feeling plump, radiant and healthy. It contains Life Plankton which is packed with nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and proteins to protect against environmental aggressors and make your skin stronger no matter the conditions!

Avoid hot showers: You may love to indulge in long steamy showers, yet sensitive skin in winter needs to adapt certain habits to help it stay healthy. Hot showers can further strip your skin of moisture, so try to bathe for no longer than 10 minutes in every 24 hour period. Also make sure the water temperature is warm rather than hot for an eco-friendly shower! Reinvigorate dry skin with Oil Therapy Shower Oil, which contains three precious oils to nourish skin at bath time!

Don’t forget your lips: The skin on our lips is different to the rest of our body. The outer skin layers are thinner and we don’t have oil glands that moisturize. Keep your lips soft and rosy this winter with Beurre de lèvres, which contains Acacia sugar to nourish and hydrate lips, leaving them perfectly kissable for this holiday season!

Drink Plenty: As your skin is losing moisture from the outside, make sure you keep it topped up from the inside with lots of water, and ditch the coffee in favour of herbal hot drinks.

Use a hydrating face mask: Your sensitive skin needs to work extra hard in winter so help it to repair with Life Plankton Mask. Use this leave on mask twice a week to rescue dry, tight, and irritated skin and bring back radiance. Concentrated at full strength, this powerful mask reacts to your skin condition to trigger extreme, soothing, deep cellular repair and renewal! Use at night to benefit from your fastest rate of cellular regeneration. Now that’s what we call beauty sleep!

Follow these simple tips to keep your sensitive skin nourished, radiant and healthy this winter.

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