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How to keep on swimming without the chlorine side effects

Habits to adopt before and after the pool to keep your skin in tip-top condition.

Unless have your own saltwater pool, chances are there’s something in the water: Chlorine. This chemical is most frequently used to keep pools clean, but it can dry out your skin, turn your hair brittle and if you have the misfortune of accidentally swallowing the dreadful tasting water often (don’t worry - it happens to all of us), it can even destroy Vitamin E in the body.

Here’s how to prep yourself against chlorine and let that fear float away.

Create a chlorine barrier

Sweat and impurities can react with chlorine, so before diving in give your skin a quick rinse. Next, create a ‘chlorine barrier’ by applying a hydrating cream all over your body and then apply oil to the ends of your hair. In the last step put on a swim cap - sure, you won’t be winning any points in the beauty department but your hair will be well protected from the chlorine and after a few breaststrokes the oil will have had time to soak in, leaving your locks nourished.

Insider tip: Drink lots of water before and after your swim session to keep your body well hydrated.

Wash the pool off - instantly

Once out of the pool, head straight to the showers. Wash your body with a shower gel, and your hair with a pH-balanced shampoo. Next, put on a daily face cream and then treat your body to the same hydrating cream you used before you took a dip.

Insider tip: Use creams packed with antioxidants to help skin cell renewal.

Dive in with confidence!

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