The ultimate winter hydration tips to heal every skin type

Whether your skin is dry, oily or combination, we have the answer

As we transition from season to season, not only does our fashion change but so does our skin. Our skin reacts to changes in temperature, and winter can be especially harmful to our complexion. The cold atmosphere can affect each skin type differently, so it’s important to work out whether you have dry, oily or combination skin to heal your complexion whatever the weather. Keep reading for our ultimate hydration tips for every skin type this winter, to achieve a healthy, strong, glowing complexion.

Tips for dry skin

Dry skin can often be characterized by patches of flakiness, rough texture and tightness; however these are signs which are much exacerbated in the winter. Colder temperatures mean less humidity in the atmosphere, which therefore leads to moisture being drawn out of your skin cells, leaving them dehydrated and weak. Although dry skin is a genetic condition, as opposed to dehydrated skin which can be quickly remedied, lower levels of moisture in your skin cells will do your dry skin no favors this winter.

It’s particularly important to find the right moisturizer for your dry skin this winter to deliver targeted hydration to sensitive, reactive skin. Our recommendation is Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion . Specifically formulated for dry skin, this ultra-hydrating, soothing moisturizer delivers intense doses of moisture deep into the skin, whilst also healing your complexion to leave it stronger day after day. Overtime skin is repaired and rejuvenated, becoming less reactive and sensitive to seasonal changes. In fact, after 4 weeks of use, clinical scoring by dermatologists found skin to be 94% less dry, 64% less reactive to daily aggressions and 79% less tight.

The rate at which our skin’s cellular regeneration process works peaks at night, making this healing time the perfect moment for a replenishing overnight treatment. Dry skin needs all the help it can get in winter, so give your cell’s overnight regeneration a boost with a moisture-rich night mask. Biotherm’s Aquasource Night Spa is the ultimate replenishing treatment, for intense skin hydration overnight. Enriched with Life Plankton and Polynesian Marine Organism Extract, give your skin some extra healing, hydrating power to wake up to water-plumped, nourished, glowing skin this winter.

Tips for oily skin

Although it’s generally assumed that summer is oily skin’s natural enemy, winter can still pose some problems for this skin type. In fact, irrespective of skin type or the season, sebaceous glands always produce oil, and changes to the environment can affect this process. Although it’s tempting to think that a dry, cold atmosphere will remove excess oil, the opposite is in fact the case. Less humidity in the air can trigger increased oil production, seeking to naturally lock in moisture and protect our skin with increased sebum levels, only worsening our oily skin.

Keep oily skin under control this winter with a water-based moisturizer that nourishes and hydrates skin before our body’s natural processes take over. Aquasource Gel is our favorite for oily skin, as its unique formula is enriched Mannose; an intensely moisturizing ingredient that delivers hydration deep into the skin hour after hour. Moreover, concentrated in Life Plankton, this innovative and lightweight gel actually helps to heal the skin’s barrier to keep moisture locked in all winter long.

Handling oily skin this winter also requires an effective and gentle cleansing routine. Twice-daily purification with a water-based cleanser such as Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water will remove impurities and excess sebum to help prevent build up resulting in clogged pores, breakouts and the undesirable feeling of oily skin.

Tips for combination skin

Combination skin can be difficult to manage in the winter. The areas of dryness will just get dryer while the rest of your skin can change from day to day. The key here is to use a lightweight, yet effective moisturizer to ensure that adequate hydration is delivered to dryer parts of the skin, whilst not being too heavy to trigger the areas of oilier skin. Aquasource Cocoon has a unique balm-in-gel, for deep hydration with the lightness of a gel but the nourishing comfort of a balm. Wrap your combination skin in a silky veil of protection to keep your complexion refreshed, healed and revitalized this winter.

Compliment your moisturizing routine by using a serum beforehand. With their smaller molecules, serum’s can deliver hydration deeper into your skin's layers than a moisturizer, whilst also priming the skin for any subsequent skincare steps. The Blue Therapy Accelerated Serum is lightweight, yet highly effective, working to repair, devend and renew your skin against visible signs of aging. Concentrated in the Algae of Youth, this powerful serum instantly softens and beautifies the skin, to leave it feeling softer, suppler and more radiant in the face of cold weather.

No matter your skin type, hydration is the key to a healthy, flawless, glowing complexion. Don’t forget to strengthen your skincare routine by also drinking enough water this winter - 2 liters of water per day, minimum!

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