Beauty alert: your skin continues to burn after exposure. Protect it!

Calling all sun worshippers - big skincare news!

We can all recall those times when we leave the sun looking only slightly rouged, thinking we’ve had a lucky escape, but get home and we are an alarming shade of lobster red. Well, scientists at Yale School of Medicine have found that UV damage to the skin can actually continue for hours after sun exposure. Uh-oh.

Sunburn is a twofold process

We’re all familiar with instant sunburn. This happens when we go to the beach, the sunlight hits our skin and the UV rays damage the cells, leading to the dilation of blood vessels and cell inflammation. This causes the redness, swelling and pain that we often experience after a few too many hours in the sun.

It’s relatively easy to protect ourselves against this kind of damage; we can fend off harmful UV-rays by applying sunscreen such as Biotherm’s Waterlover sun milk (which is also respectful of our important oceans!) and by wearing a hat or light clothing as a cover up.

The sunburn we don’t know: the continued damage when we’ve left the beach

This is where we might begin to feel fooled. The same study discovered that our skin cells continue to react to the sun damage for hours after exposure. While melanin (the polymer in our skin which dictates the colour of our skin and hair) absorbs UVB-rays and dissipates 99.9% of this radiation which protect our skin cells, the high level of energy from the rays means that the melanin’s DNA can continue to be damaged for two to four hours after sun exposure. Interestingly enough, this kind of chemical reaction is what also creates the glowing light in fireflies!

It may sound daunting, but it’s not all bad news

On the bright side, these new findings suggest that it’s actually possible to fight sun damage after exposure - so there is hope if you accidentally fell asleep reading that gripping book on the beach, or missed a spot with your sunscreen!

Experts suggest that because there is continued DNA harm for hours after sun exposure, antioxidants (which help fight against free radicals and are usually recommended to be taken in the day to prevent damage) could be used at night in order to absorb the excited electrons before they are able to impact the DNA. Therefore, if you’re airing on the wrong side of bronzed, use antioxidant-rich sources such as vitamin C, ferulic acid, vitamin E, resveratrol, and phloretin at night on your skin to stop your burn in its tracks.One of our favorite remedies is Biotherm’s Sun After body milk, which is packed with vitamin E and regenerative Life Plankton, helping to heal the skin and deeply moisturize deep the cells to halt the damaging process.

Also never forgot how important hydration is after tanning! Not only will it help nourish the burn and prevent it from drying out for up to 48 hours, a product like Biotherm’s Aqua-Gelée , a water jelly formula which replenishes your body’s moisture, will cool and soothe the discomfort for a total body cooldown. Perfect remedy.

Don’t forget, the most important way to prevent that not-so-sunny burn is to protect your skin from the word go. Now, get ready to step out into the heat and enjoy the summer armed with all the facts!

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