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How to make the most of your baths

To really enjoy your “me” time.

According to The Journal of Complementary Therapies in Medicine, spending time in the bathtub every day for 8 weeks could potentially reduce anxiety levels more than most prescription drugs. We bet that the Ancient Romans who would visit the public baths up to 6 times a day sometimes (yes, six!) were pretty calm people! While it can be difficult to fit a daily soak into our busy schedules today, when we do manage to find the time, it’s important to make it worthwhile. Follow the steps below to ensure that your bath is perfect, no matter how long or short you make it:

Take a shower first: Wash off dirt from the day and exfoliate your skin with a nourishing body scrub, like Oil Therapy Huile de Gommage.

Adjust the temperature: It can be tempting to want to make your bath really warm – especially when it’s cold outside. However, hot water can dry out your skin and break down your skin’s protective barrier. The ideal water temperature is between 35 and 40 degrees Celsius. Translation: if you put your foot in the water and it feels too hot, it’s time to add cold water before submerging the rest of your body.

Add a luxurious element: This can be anything of your choice – bubble bath, a candle, or a hydrating face mask like Life Plankton Mask, which will give you smoother and bouncier skin. Add anything that will make you feel pampered!

Apply cream right after the bath: Lock in moisture by massaging body lotion like Lait Corporel onto your body, and putting on hydrating face cream like Aquasource Night Spa for plumper and softer skin.

Make your bath time the ultimate pampering experience, and your skin will look radiant and feel soft and smooth to the touch.

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