Elevate your 'me time' with your most eco-friendly bath yet

Care for yourself, care for the planet. Make your ‘me time’ green time with a few easy tips.

For many of us, taking a bath is a relaxing ritual that we partake in when we want to unwind and de-stress. However in treating ourselves to a little ‘me time’, it’s vital to be aware of the ways in which we can affect the environment - either positively or negatively - with our bath-time habits. Find out how to turn your next pamper session into an eco-friendly activity by making a few little changes to your normal routine.

Choose green products

Choosing good quality, eco-friendly products can really elevate your bath time experience. We recommend starting off with a nourishing exfoliator like Oil Therapy Huile De Gommage, which is enriched with biodegradable, natural sugar crystals to ensure that your skin feels ultra-cleansed without compromising the environment. In addition to deeply cleansing the skin and giving it a smooth texture, it’s formulated with 3 precious oils (Rose Mosqueta, Passion Flower, and Apricot) which leave a silky, protective veil over your body. Once you get out of the bath, lock in moisture by using a body lotion. Our experts recommend the Lait Corporel, a deeply hydrating body milk that easily absorbs into the skin so you won’t feel greasy. Plus, it contains citrus extracts to help your skin feel fresh and hydrated.

Biotherm is committed to leading by example when it comes to going green. In addition to using recycled glass jars, we use recycled cardboard for all of our packaging and have replaced instruction leaflets entirely by printing them on the side of our product boxes.

Don’t do it daily

While taking a bath is an incredibly calming activity, it’s also an indulgent one. The average bath typically uses 35 to 50 gallons of water, whereas a 10 minute shower with a low-flow showerhead uses only 25 gallons. Thus, it’s best to opt for a quick shower most of the time, and reserve bathing as an occasional treat.

Having said that, we know that bath time is a perfect way to relax - be it Friday after work with a glass of wine or Sunday evening to recharge for the week ahead - so if you’re going to indulge, it’s important to be mindful of your water consumption. Water is an extremely precious resource, and although it may seem abundant - it makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface - only 1% of the water on the planet is freshwater, meaning that it is actually usable. Practice water conservation next time you have a bath by only using as much water as is necessary rather than letting the tub fill up to capacity.

Turn down the temperature dial on your shower

Heating water accounts for 25% of our homes energy use, and 40% of that is used on hot showers, so why not cool down those showers and keep your bathroom environmentally friendly. If that wasn’t enough, hot water can be extremely drying on our skin, stripping our bodies of our natural oils, something we definitely want to avoid in these cold months! If this seems like a real challenge in the winter, why not resort to lukewarm water. Recharge your complexion post-shower with Aquasource Gel for an ultra-hydrating, plumping and illuminating treatment to leave your skin nourished for up to 48 hours!

Next time you have a bath, why not bask in the comforts of knowing you’re doing good for yourself and for the environment. A little awareness can make a huge impact in the long-term, and our collective efforts - no matter how small they may seem - have the power to create enormous change.

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