Awaken your skincare routine with these 4 tips to maximize your eye treatment

Time to turn those tired looking sleepy peepers into beautiful bright eye

There’s a good reason why eyes are the first giveaway of a sleepless night or perhaps a little too much partying. The skin around the delicate eye area is more fragile than the rest of your face, leading to problems of dryness, dark circles, bags and fine lines. Demanding eyes need a skincare routine all of their own, so make the most out of yours with our 4 simple tips.

Why eyes need different care

Skin is much thinner around the eyes. It also lacks collagen and elastin which help keep skin firm and plump, as well as sebaceous glands which produce the body’s naturally protective oil. Also, eyes and surrounding muscles are constantly moving, squinting and blinking up to 10,000 times a day, which all explains why it’s one of the first places to show the signs of aging. Studies have found that certain eye treatments can be effective in smoothing fine lines and reducing the depth of larger wrinkles.

How to optimize your eye treatments

#1 Proper preparation

Before you apply any eye treatment, make sure you’ve thoroughly removed makeup or dirt so the product can penetrate more effectively. Use a gentle yet efficient cleanser such as Biosource Micellar Cleansing Water , with it’s multi-detox formula to reveal fresh skin in one fast step. It’s best to then apply your product as soon as possible before impurities find their way back onto the skin, ideally within 60 seconds.

#2 Choose the right eye product

Do you want to banish bags or maybe say farewell to crow's feet? Different eye treatments have different formulas, with different eye complaints in mind. Check the description and ingredients to make sure you are focusing on your biggest concerns. If dehydration lines and dark circles are getting you down, then the cooling effect of Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer is what you need. Discover brighter, lighter and depuffed eyes in an instant thanks to the unique Aquasource agents, enriched with caffeine, vitamin B3 and sakura leaf extract. If you’re in need of a powerful tool to slow down aging, then try Blue Therapy Eye Opening Serum . The lightweight serum works to lift lids, battle bags and smooth wrinkles by combining the strengths of Life Plankton and the Algae of Youth.

#3 Apply correctly

Instructions may differ slightly for every product, but usually you want to apply around a pea-sized amount of product underneath each eye. Using your ring finger, dab and smooth it in gently, in an upwards motion, on and around the orbital bone. Unless the product is specifically designed for use on lids (like Blue Therapy Eye Opening Serum) be sure to avoid getting too close to the eyes.

#4 Get an early night

The concept of beauty sleep is real! In fact it’s one of the best things you can do to help your skin. Nighttime mode is when you’re silently busy repairing. It’s then that your body uses nutrients to regenerate new skin cells. Dark circles especially can often be attributed to not getting enough rest.

Make sure your eye treatment is working as efficiently as possible by following these 4 tip

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