Skin in the city: get your complexion glowing with these illuminating tips

Feel like your urban life is making your skin dull and lacklustre? Sadly, you are

It’s become clear over time that city living and pollution is affecting our skin, how it looks and how it ages.

The US National Institute of Health confirms recent studies have linked pollution with skin aging - extrinsic skin aging or aging induced by environmental factors is no longer a myth!

So, how can you beat the urban damage to your skin? Adopt a good night-time skincare routine and the right products, developed specifically to protect your skin from the worst of city pollution’s effects.

Fight the city with water power

Not only is Biotherm’s new Skin Oxygen range formulated with Life Plankton™, containing 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids and trace elements to revive the skin’s vital functions in the face of pollution, it is also packed with Chlorella Vulgaris Extract - nature’s 'Breathing Algae' - which harnesses the environment’s oxygen for your skin. Detoxifying and oxygenating, this range should be your #1 ally in guarding your skin from city pollution.

Your 5 -step city depolluting skincare routine with Skin Oxygen

Step 1 – Adopt Depolluting cleanser

To begin your detoxifying journey, use Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen Depolluting Cleanser. Possessing a lightweight foamy texture, your skin will be rid of any impurities and be left feeling fresh and radiant. After 62 women used this powerful cleanser for 7 days, 87% of them agreed that it cleansed the skin intensely, while 90% said it removed urban impurities (dirt, dust, pollution) leaving skin perfectly clean and clear!

Step 2 - Nourish your skin with the Skin Oxygen Cooling Gel

This antioxidant moisturizer is the next step in your urban skincare routine. This cooling gel reinforces the skin's protective barrier whilst also intensely moisturizing and hydrating dry skin. Furthermore, the Chlorella algae extract guards your skin from polluting particles and stopping them from adhering to skin. Hello radiant skin!

Step 3 – Apply Anti pollution lotion

Then, smooth on Skin Oxygen Anti-Pollution Oxygenating Lotion. As light as water, this lotion will remove any lingering impurities as well as even out your sebum balance. Get ready for perfect skin, as this powerful formula is enriched with Chlorella, the ‘breathing algae’, which has strong detoxifying properties, helping to protect and repair skin against urban environments and allowing your skin to breathe again!

Step 4 – Concentrate!

To seal your pollution-combatting skin routine, finish off with Skin Oxygen Skin Strengthening Concentrate. Not only will it reinforce your skin’s natural defences, preparing you for anything the environment throws at you, it will also repair and heal any damage caused by external aggressions.

Even though you might live the life of a city girl, there’s no reason your skin has to!

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