The best of both worlds: here's how to re-apply sunscreen on-the-go

Why compromise between flawless skin and a little bit of foundation?

We’ve all heard it time and time again, but just to reiterate, the #1 rule to prevent premature aging is SPF. A dollop a day can keep fine lines away… Or so we like to think. Experts suggest that we might actually need a bit more, reapplying sunscreen every two hours for maximum protection. It’s true that there are no excuses on vacation, but how is the average woman with places to go and people to see supposed to lather on the SPF over her expertly-applied makeup? Follow these tips and tricks to stay protected without sacrificing your masterpiece!

Start your routine with the right sunscreen

In order to preempt the two-hourly re-application, don’t underestimate the power of the morning skincare regime...

Start your routine with the step 0: Life Plankton Essence, to benefit from the 35-nutrient nourishing formula to regenerate and illuminate skin. Then go ahead and apply a light moisturizer before sun protection to to keep skin hydrated - sunscreen shouldn’t change your beauty regime, just enhance it! A triple-action moisturizer such as Blue Therapy Multi-Defender will hydrate your skin as well as protect it from pollution and sun damage, all the while making your complexion firmer and plumper than ever before.

Then, choose your base sun protection wisely. A lightweight, oil-free, water-resistant sunscreen, which dries without any residue will ensure that your makeup glides on smoothly. Creme Solaire Dry Touch is great as a base as its oil-free, broad-spectrum formula leaves an invisible, matte-effect finish, absorbing shine and giving you the perfect base to apply makeup.

Switch to cream makeup - avoid powders!

We change our style to adapt to the hotter months, so why not do the same for your skin? Experts suggest to switch to cream or liquid formulas as opposed to powdered products to avoid build-up. Liquids and creams won’t clash with your sunscreen and therefore won’t cake up as much, allowing for easy SPF re-application.

Why not apply a BB cream with added SPF for additional protection, while also giving light but effective coverage? Try Aquasource Water CC for a flawless, natural look which, enriched with Life Plankton, will glide on to skin and leave it looking luminous, even and healthy.

How to re-apply over makeup/mist your way to UV protection

So now that we’ve got the perfect base, here are two ways to top up on your SPF during the day.

#1 Spray it on

If you’ve applied sunscreen in the morning, that is when reapplying SPF can get tricky. Not to fear - we have the solution! Go for a spray sunscreen such as Brume Solaire Dry Touch , a light, oil-free, broad-spectrum formula to protect against harmful UV rays as well as deeply hydrate, leaving an invisible, matte, velvet-touch finish.

#2 Makeup touch-up + sunscreen reapplication

A hard day at work followed by a catch-up with friends can often mean a little makeup touch-up, so why not combine perfecting your look with reapplying sun protection? An SPF-enriched CC cream can work equally to top up your protection as well as to get a little bit of extra coverage. Aquasource Evermoist C.C. Cushion is the perfect travel companion for fresh, on-the-go cover-ups. This little cushion helps to correct skin tone, reduce the appearance of blemishes and, enriched with Life Plankton, hydrates skin, all the while containing a SPF 23!

Follow these little life hacks to stay sun-protected on-the-go. Don’t forget that it’s important to integrate sunscreen into your skincare routine all-year-round, as UV rays are always closeby - don’t let the clouds fool you!

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