The ultimate post-vacation action plan to instantly reset your skin

The ultimate post-vacation action plan to instantly reset your skin

The ultimate post-vacation action plan to instantly reset your skin

Now the fun is over, it’s time to get your skin regime back on track.

Ever feel like you need another vacation, just to recover from the last one? You may have had a blast, but all those late nights and extra indulgences may now be taking their toll on your skin. Whether your break involved some fun in the sun or hitting the slopes, it’s time to reset your skin to prevent the post-vacation blues….and fast.

Your quick fix action plan for creating skin that’s as good as new!

Get your skincare routine back on track

You’re forgiven that while you were busy sipping on cocktails, making time for your regular skincare regimen wasn’t a top priority. What your skin now needs is a helping hand towards regeneration. With Life Plankton™ Essence all it takes is 8 days to create a newborn skin. From the French Pyrenees comes the soothing microorganism; Life Plankton™. Packed with over 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins and more, it’s lauded as the “fountain of youth” for it’s renewing properties. This miracle essence is as lightweight as a cosmetic water for maximum absorption, yet as actively concentrated as a serum to leave your skin looking renewed, rejuvenated and more radiant than ever before.

Put down the wine and pick up your skin

Aside from a shocking hangover, the worst thing about consuming too much alcohol is its dehydrating effect on the body. Your skin is your largest organ and, like any other, it requires water to function properly. Whilst you’ve been enjoying a glass or two, your skin may have been deprived of proper hydration to leave your face feeling dry, tight or even flaky. The dense gel texture of Aquasource Everplump delivers a plumping dose of active ingredients that penetrate in seconds for a dewy finish. With the help of a natural hyaluronic acid, sustainably sourced in French Polynesia, you can say farewell to dehydration lines in as little as a week to leave your skin looking water-plumped and glowing.

Rejuvenate your skin with a healing dose of beauty sleep

They don’t call it beauty rest for nothing. Scientists have found that especially during stage three slow-wave sleep, our bodies release growth hormones which are important for tissue regeneration and repair. It’s one of the reasons why a sleepless night quickly shows on our face. Life Plankton™ Mask is just what over-scheduled skin is crying out for. Use just a couple of times a week to transform lifeless, dry, red and irritated skin, whilst you sleep. Inspired by sheet masks, this leave on mask will give your skin its bounce back.

You are what you eat, so detox your skin from your diet

If you feel like your skin, as well as your diet, is in need of some hardcore detoxing, then antioxidants are the key. Get eating lots of leafy greens, blueberries and kidney beans to give your body some much needed attention, and for your skin, reach for Skin Oxygen Strengthening Concentrate. This nutrient rich serum contains Chlorella algae extract, used for its detoxifying and antioxidant powers. Your skin is strengthened and repaired, to get back a smooth and more healthy looking complexion.

Now you’re well on your way to combatting the telltale signs of too much fun, you can focus on something more planning the next vacation.

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