Blank canvas: our top tips to removing makeup the right way

Keep your skin healthy, purified and allow it to breathe no matter the scenario!

If there’s one rule in the beauty world that we would beg you not to break, it would be to always take your makeup off. This small act of cleansing your skin before you snooze, ridding your complexion of all the impurities that build up thanks to daily life, will help your complexion breathe. If you break our golden rule, it can lead to breakouts, uneven skin tone and texture and early aging. We know that we each have our individual lifestyles, where not everyday is the same and there is often a good excuse to forgo the nightly makeup removal process, but that’s where we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for the solution to your cleansing woes, for every scenario...

For the ‘normal’ days

The scenario: Let’s start with the basics. This solution is for the days that you wear your everyday, fairly light makeup. They days you; wake up, take public transport, work, go for post-work drinks, get home, sleep! This is your everyday makeup removal solution!

Our solution: This is the scenario where you need a good, effective, everyday cleanser. Biosource Micellar Water uses its 3-in-1 action to purify, tone and effectively remove any eye makeup. In just one step, this multi-detox complex, enriched with Thermal Plankton, leaves your skin feeling fresh and revived, ready for your beauty sleep.

For the city dwellers

The scenario: Living in the heart of a city can take its tole on our skin. Not only do we have to contend with removing our makeup at the end of the day, but we also have to take into account the build up of urban impurities which find their way on to our skin, whether thats dirt, dust or pollution.

Our solution: Biotherm’s Skin Oxygen line includes an extremely effective and targeted Depolluting Cleanser. Formulated with Chlorella - ‘the algae that breathes’ - and Life Plankton, this highly detoxifying cleanser allows skin to breathe once again, intensely cleaning and refreshing your complexion.

For the girls who relish a night out on the town

The scenario: We’ve all been there. After a late night and a cocktail or four, the last thing that we think about is taking off our makeup. All we want to do is get into our comfy bed a relive a magical night. However, taking off our makeup at this time is extremely important, as our coverage is perhaps heavier than usual, blocking our pores over night...and don’t even get us started on our eye makeup!

Our solution: Biosource’s Balm-In-Oil uses its tri-phase technology to deeply cleanse and rid your complexion of impurities. Transforming from a balm to a silky oil to a comforting milk, this powerful product dissolves all kind of impurities quickly and effectively, even waterproof makeup, pollution and dirt, whilst instantly hydrating skin. In a study of 75 women who used this fast-acting formula, 87% said that it removed all long-lasting makeup, and 90% said it effectively removed waterproof mascara. So go ahead and dance all night long, and quickly deal with your makeup as soon as you step in the door!

For the sporty girls who love the gym

The scenario: OK, so you may not wear much makeup to the gym, but sweat and impurities can lie on your skin post-work out as well. Be sure to cleanse your skin after a session at the gym, to avoid clogging your pores and creating the environment for blemishes, uneven tone and lack lustre skin.

Our solution: After a hard session at the gym, be sure to use Biosource Self-Foaming Cleansing Water to perfectly cleanse and invigorate your skin. Formulated with Thermal Plankton, this light, foaming texture delicately transforms into a delicate cream to soften and hydrate the complexion. Leave your skin feeling as good as you do after an energizing workout!

For the on-trend skincare lovers, who want to know all about K-beauty

The scenario: Korean skincare principals and rituals are big in the beauty industry right now, and we mean BIG! These gurus tell us that double cleansing is the way forward in order to really purify our skin.

Our solution: Oil and water don’t mix, so to get rid of those two types of impurities, it’s essential to use two cleansers. Start with an oil-based cleanser, such as Biosource Total Renew Oil in order to effectively rid your skin of makeup and SPF. Then move on to a water-based cleanser, such as Biosource Milk, to remove impurities such as sweat or dirt.

Clean up your act and purify your skin, no matter the occasion!

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