Rise and shine: 3 ways to revive your skin this morning

The easiest ways to get skin glowing as soon as you wake up

Being a morning person or not might all be down to your DNA according to one study published in the journal Nature Communications , which found this trait could be predestined in our genes. But whether you spring out of bed or are dragged from under the covers kicking and screaming, here’s how to arouse your skin from it’s slumber to start the day with a healthy glow.

It’s time to get up sleeping beauty and revitalize your skin

#1 Wake up with water

Whilst a hot and steamy shower feels great and certainly has its benefits, Business Insider suggests the best way to get going in a morning is actually with an icy blast . To increase blood flow and stimulate your skin, it is recommended that just before finishing your shower, you turn the temperature all the way down for 30 seconds. Afterwards, turn the dial back up as hot as you can stand for a further 30 seconds, before ending with a final 30 second hit of cold water. Whilst this might feel like a morning slap in the face, hot-and-cold hydrotherapy is actually a technique that’s been used for thousands of years.

For a softer alternative to waking up your skin, you could also use an invigorating shower gel . Make every morning a sunny one, regardless of the season, with Eau Soleil Shower Gel. The sweet notes of fig, blazing orange and cooling lemon in a light fresh texture make for a revitalizing shower experience.

#2 Dose of daily vitamins

Vitamins, especially A, C, E and Beta-Carotene, are beneficial to the skin as they help reduce the damage caused by aging free radicals. As well as vitamin rich foods, there is an easy way to load your face with goodness every morning, in the form of Life Plankton Essence . Totally cram packed with 35 nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glucids, and lipids, it helps to revive the skin’s vital functions, which are essential to its health. This miracle skin renewing serum contains the highest concentration of Life Plankton, a micro-organism with extraordinary regenerative properties. Designed as the first step to every beauty routine, it will make you feel the effects of a newborn skin.

#3 Caffeine boost

Coffee addict or not, caffeine can still bring pep to your morning as a revival for skin. That’s because it has soothing properties and antioxidant benefits. Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer uses the power of caffeine to reduce bags and puffiness around sleepy eyes. Meanwhile, the other hydrating and nourishing ingredients contained in this product help fight dark circles and dehydration lines, for a fresh look no matter how tired you may be feeling.

Prepare your skin for the day ahead by adding some of these reviving techniques to your morning routine.

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