Simplify your skincare regimen: our top-5 multi-taskers for every occasion

Here’s how to make your skincare routine work harder

Life can be hectic. Whether we’re juggling our social lives with our work commitments or just trying to keep up with our personal responsibilities, multi-tasking is the only way forward, so why should we expect any less from our beauty routine? Our skin requires some serious love, so if we don’t always have time for those multi-layered, 10-step Korean regimens, there’s no need to compromise on your beauty routine. Keep reading for our top-5 multi-taskers to keep your skin flawless and your time free.


For deep purification, your 3-in-1 cleanser - Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water

Cleansing routines can often be time consuming, however there’s no denying that they are an essential step in ensuring a flawless complexion. Save time in the morning by using a cleanser that works harder with this 3-in-1 micellar water. Its multi-detox complex not only purifies your skin of impurities such as sweat, toxins and dirt, but it also removes stubborn eye makeup whilst finally acting as a toner for deep purification. In just one step, this refreshing micellar water renews your skin thanks to its powerful combination of Life Plankton™, Zinc, Potassium and Magnesium, for deeply cleansed skin.

The anti-aging multi-tasker - Blue Therapy Multi-Defender

As the queen of multi-taskers, this nourishing moisturizer contains a little bit of everything to defend your skin against all aging accelerators and keep your skin youthful whatever the occasion. Formulated with SPF 25, anti-pollution agents, antioxidants and anti-aging properties, this powerful cream provides your skin with a complete shield against daily life whilst also allowing your complexion to repair visible signs of aging. Rich in Life Plankton™, this rejuvenating cream heals and strengthens your skin, targeting deep wrinkles, dark spots and a lack of firmness. Stronger than ever before, this powerful moisturizer will leave your complexion looking younger, smoother, firmer and more even in only 8 weeks.

The superhero of hydration - Aquasource SPF15

With the unique and replenishing formula of Aquasource Gel , this hydrating moisturizer will up your skincare game with the inclusion of sunscreen, anti-pollution shea extract and Vitamin E. Not only does this refreshing gel keep your skin protected from the sun and airborne pollution, but it also deeply quenches and smooths your skin to keep your complexion hydrated for up to 48 hours. Concentrated in extra charged Life Plankton™ and Mannose, dullness is healed and your skin’s glow and radiance is revived.

Full hydration color care-in-cushion - Aquasource Evermoist C.C. Cushion

Combining hydration, sun protection and liquid cover, this fresh CC cushion gives your complexion all the ingredients it needs to disappear blemishes and pores, hydrate and protect in one portable skincare savior. You can never use enough sunscreen on your skin, so with its SPF 23/PA++ protection and up to 4-hour hydration, your complexion appears dewy, with a cared-for glow. Thanks to its light and airy texture, this refreshing cushion can be applied for touch-ups throughout the day, as the ultimate beauty secret for a flawless, even, radiant complexion.

A complete, on-the-go shield - Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist

Long days and late nights can take its toll on your skin, so for a flawless complexion, a little on-the-go boost is essential. For all your skincare needs, Skin Oxygen Wonder Mist has it covered. Replenishing, protecting and hydrating, this fine spray keeps your skin defended from pollution and UV rays as well as delivering intense moisture deep within your complexion. Formulated with Chlorella algae extract, a.k.a. ‘The Breathing Algae’, Life Plankton™ and SPF 50, this dynamic combination will re-energize your complexion and top up your skincare routine on-the-go for instant rejuvenating morning, noon and night.

Give your skin some love and keep your time free with these simple, yet rejuvenating, skin care superheros.

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