Soothe the burn this winter with these 5 expert shaving tips

Don’t let shaving fire you up this winter; repair, heal and rejuvenate your skin with these expert tips

A survey conducted by the International Dermal Institute indicated that 79% of guys found they had one or more skin problems daily, however the products they used to shave didn’t take these concerns into account. When you shave, this act of physical exfoliation can compromise the lipid barrier, nicking and damaging the surface of the skin to cause irritation, inflammation, stinging and redness. This razor burn can be exacerbated in the winter and cause further problems as the skin is already lacking moisture, so when the skin’s natural barrier is damaged, the inflammation and soreness of the razor burn can really hit hard. Keep reading for our 5 top tips to heal your razor burn this winter.

Tip 1. Instantly soothe your skin with an aftershave

A dry atmosphere and the cold, winter air can mean that our skin is particularly lacking in moisture this season, so when we shave, our skin may not be healthy enough to resist this tough exfoliation and cause razor burn. We get that keeping stubble to a minimum is essential, so make sure you use a soothing aftershave post-shaving to nourish and replenish your skin. Biotherm Homme’s Anti-Feu du Rasoir is specifically formulated to soothe razor burn to leave your skin feeling calm, smooth and supple. Enriched with Allantoin, Extract of Chamomile, Moisturizing agents and Safflower Oil, this powerful lotion works to penetrate and activate quickly to heal your skin from the effects of razor burn.

Tip 2. Use a cold compress

If you have particularly sensitive skin and razor burn has hit hard this winter, use a cold compress to calm your skin. Not only does a cold compress give your skin instant relief from that hot, burning sensation, but it also helps to reduce inflammation, redness and itching and prevent razor bumps from forming.

Tip 3. Heal your skin with Life Plankton

Now that you’ve soothed your razor burn, the next step is to repair the damage that was done to the epidermis. If left, the effects will only be exacerbated and may result in razor bumps, breakouts and generally unhealthy skin. Finding the right ingredients is the fastest and most effective way to heal your skin from razor burn, and our ultimate suggestion is Life Plankton. Native to the French Pyrenees, this regenerative microorganism has a natural affinity to the skin’s natural membrane to target areas of concern to rejuvenate and repair your complexion. Use a moisturizer enriched with Life Plankton, such as Aquapower , both morning and night for healthy skin this winter. This oligothermal formula immediately cools your skin by 2 degrees within a minute of application, instantly calming the effects of razor burn. Furthermore, its deeply hydrating formula, concentrated in amino acids, moisturizing agents, vitamins E, C and B5, leaves skin feeling supple, full of moisture and comfortable, whatever the conditions.

Tip 4. Keep your skin clean and purified

When you have razor burn, be sure to minimize the effects by keeping your skin clean, purified and hydrated. Morning and night, use a gentle cleanser such as the Aquapower D-Sensitive Cleanser to ensure your skin is free of impurities such as airborne toxins or sebum, which can only exacerbate the burning sensation of razor burn. When you’re prone to razor burn, this powerful yet gentle cleanser is specifically formulated to deeply purify your skin whilst also soothing and fortifying your epidermis to help strengthen and rejuvenate your skin.

Tip 5. Don’t forget that prevention is better than cure

Although there are some truly effective ways to soothe and diminish the effects of razor burn this winter, the best way to avoid skin damage from shaving is before you’ve even started. Prepping the skin is essential, especially in the winter when our skin’s natural barrier may be compromised and weak, prone to irritation and inflammation.

On clean, purified skin, use an effective shaving cream which enables a smooth shave whatever the weather. To ensure your cleanest shave yet, try Biotherm Homme’s 2in1 Shaver , which initially works as a cleanser to eliminate dirt and dead skin build-up and ensure that any lingering impurity is removed from the surface of the skin and prepare the way for a truly clean shave. This multi-action gel then goes on to form a dense foam to allow your razor to glide easily and comfortably over your skin. When shaving, don’t forget to shave first with the grain, and finish by rinsing odd with cool water to calm razor burn and neutralize any micro cuts.

Don’t let razor burn fire up this winter; follow these 5 expert tips to soothe the burn for your smoothest, most soothed, healthiest skin yet.

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