Oily skin: how to take control of shine in the summer

Summers are to be enjoyed outside, morning, noon and night; so why let oily skin hold us back?

Our skin can be our best frenemy - we yearn for glowing, dewy skin, but if this tips over the edge, oily t-zones can start to put a downer on our summer glow. As the weather heats up, keep reading to find out our top tips to combat the shine to stay fresh all day long.

A helping hand?

Although oily skin can be down to genetics, heat can play a large role in the condition of our skin. Warm climates naturally stimulate oil secretion as the body seeks to protect us from dehydration and muggy surroundings. Indeed, a 1-degree temperature increase can cause the skin to increase its oil production by 10%!

So the body thinks it’s helping us. Yeah… Thanks a lot!

3 steps to take control

Although there’s not much we can to do stop our body giving us a “helping hand”, there are three important ways to help manage it.

Chill out

Thinking about this logically: if heat amps up the production of sebum (oil), then cooling the skin can reduce this effect, causing the pores to contract. By storing our best beauty products in the fridge and washing our faces in cool water, we can help limit the effect of the heat on our skin. Try chilling your Biosource cleansing micellar water for a fresh feeling.

Mask it

Especially in the heat of the summer, it’s important to cleanse impurities from our pores and treat skin to a deep cleanse a few times a week. Skin Best Wonder Mud is directly aimed at working out sebum from blocked pores and helping it breathe again, with results being noted within 2 weeks!

Lighten up

We don’t wear the same clothes in the summer and winter, so why would we with our makeup? Swap a heavier foundation for a good moisturizer then apply a BB cream - when our skin is dry, it actually produces more sebum to compensate. Aquasource BB cream provides us with the freshness and hydration of a moisturizer but leaves us with a mattifying, anti-shine look for up to 8 hours. It is possible to complement this with Biotherm’s Aquasource BB cream enriched with Life Plankton, which has a deeply hydrating effect.

You are what you eat

Vitamin A, found in foods such as carrots and sweet potatoes (our fave!), has been proven to reduce oil production in our skin whilst adorning it with a natural glow. It can also add extra protection against UV rays when coupled with your sunscreen (preferably one that will absorb excess shine like Biotherm’s Creme Solaire Dry Touch!).

Add these important steps in to your beauty regime and you’ll shine for all the right reasons!

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