The #1 healing routine to get your skin strong enough for winter

Want radiant, glowing skin? Follow these simple expert tips to prevent dryness this winter.

Winter is around the corner, and that means dry skin season. Many of us experience dull, flaky, cracked, or itchy skin as a result of the cold weather. Luckily, these skin conditions are often largely in our control, and can be easily prevented or alleviated by following a few simple tips. Find out what exactly causes dry skin and how to achieve beautiful, glowing skin all through the winter.

What causes dry skin?

Dry skin occurs when the skin doesn’t retain enough moisture. This can be attributed to a number of factors like overwashing, using harsh soaps, and aging. However, wintertime can be especially problematic when it comes to our skin because the air outside is often cold, dry, and lacking in humidity. Similarly, indoor heating tends to dry out the air in our homes and thus, can wreak havoc on the skin. This is because the outermost layer of the skin (known as the epidermis), tends to absorb moisture from our surroundings, and since the humidity levels are lacking in the winter, our skin can become dry and dehydrated.

A scientific perspective: prevent & protect

According to the experts at the Unilever North American Regional Technical Center, our skin loses over 25% of its ability to hold moisture in the winter. The epidermal layer is the skin’s primary protective barrier, so it’s imperative to maintain hydration so that it can function optimally. Plus, when the skin is properly moisturized, it looks bright, radiant, and luminous. So what can we do to ensure our skin stays hydrated in the winter?

The best way to avoid dryness is to protect the skin so that it can be prevented in the first place. This means drinking more water and using a humidifier in the home to help infuse moisture back into the air. It’s also beneficial to shower in cooler rather than hot water to prevent stripping away the skin’s natural oils. Finally, being diligent with moisturizing both the face and the body significantly aids in combating dryness.

Winter skincare

Adopting a good quality skincare routine should be at the top of your list year-round, though it’s well-advised to change up products in accordance with the seasons. In the winter, it’s important to look for skincare that is aimed at restoring hydration. This includes a gentle cleanser that will remove dirt, makeup, and impurities without stripping the skin, and an ultra-nourishing moisturizer. Our experts recommend the Biosource Milk, a softening cleanser that’s specially formulated to maintain the delicate balance of dry skin while gently washing away makeup. It contains Thermal Plankton, Allantoin, and Glycerin, to help rehydrate and soothe the skin. Follow with a moisturiser morning and evening - generally, a thicker cream is best in the wintertime as the skin is in need of more hydration. Aquasource Cocoon is perfect for dehydrated skin as it helps boost the skin’s natural water reserves, in spite of environmental factors. The Mannose-enriched formula instantly plumps-up the skin to prevent water loss without clogging pores.

Caring for the body

Many people take the time to moisturize their bodies daily in the summer since their arms and legs are often on display, however it remains just as important to do so in the Winter. The colder months require us to give our skin a little extra TLC, specifically the areas on our body which have fewer oil glands - such as the legs, arms, and hands - and thus, are more prone to dehydration. Applying a rich body lotion, like the Lait Corporel, after the shower can help lock in moisture. This body milk is formulated with Vitamin E to heal and repair dry winter skin, while protecting the skin’s natural elasticity. Best of all, it’ll leave the skin feeling fresh, and never greasy.

Many people experience chapped lips in the winter, so it’s vital to apply a hydrating balm such as Biotherm’s Beurre de lèvres throughout the day and before bed to keep the lips looking and feeling nourished, soft and supple.

Follow these easy skincare tips this winter and protect the body’s natural barrier for healthy skin all year round.

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