Learn how to take the perfect bath

Learn how to take the perfect bath

Here's how to take the perfect bath

Let’s look at some of the science behind creating the best bath of your life!

Spending some quality time in the tub has a long established reputation for relaxation, and it seems with good reason. A study by psychologist Neil Morris found that a daily bath, for as little as a fortnight, dramatically improved participants’ general wellbeing. If a soak a day keeps the doctor away, here’s how to maximise the benefits by taking the perfect bath.

Preparation is key to the ultimate bath

Like with everything in life, just a little bit of preparation pays off. Make sure you’ve set aside enough time to enjoy the soothing ritual of taking a bath; you don’t need to completely clear your calendar but neither do you want to feel like you’re in a rush! Remove any impurities from your skin by using an exfoliating scrub beforehand. Wet the skin with lukewarm water, and then prepare your skin with a rejuvenating scrubbing treatment to promote cellular regeneration and help you enter your relaxing bath, renewed. Always opt for an eco-friendly version, free from polluting microbeads. Oil Therapy Huile de Gommage combines the power of natural melting sugar crystals and softening omega fatty acids to reveal silky skin, and put you in good stead for your most luxuriating bath yet. .

Sit back, relax, and rejuvenate your skin in a lukewarm bath

In the end, the right temperature for your bath comes down to personal preference. Very hot baths can be guilty of drying out your skin, so turn down the temperature in your bathtub to help look after your skin (and the planet!). Don’t rely on heat for the ultimate soak; the best baths stimulate your senses. That’s why the rebalancing scents of orange, bergamot and cardamom essence makes Eau Relax Perfumed Shower Gel your perfect bath-time buddy. Make the most of your well deserved reclining time with an indulgent facemask and pamper your skin with the purifying Skin Best Wonder Mud. This fast-acting antioxidant mask with mineral clay deeply cleanses and diminishes pores to reveal glowing skin.

Replenish your skin after your soak

Have you ever looked down at your wrinkled fingers and toes and decided it’s probably time to get out of the tub? Don’t worry, it’s not, as many people fear, a sign of dehydration, it’s actually caused by blood vessels constricting below the skin. Whilst scientists don’t completely agree on why this happens, one popular theory by evolutionary neurobiologist Mark Changizi is that the prune look is in fact an evolutionary function to help improve our grip within water.

The optimal soaking time is anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes. Yet one of the downsides of bathing is the tendency to strip the skin of its natural oils. That’s why as soon as you get out (ideally within 3 minutes) you should counteract this effect with a good moisturizer. Oil Therapy Huile Elixir is a nutri-replenishing body treatment that uses 3 precious oils (Apricot, Passion flower and Rose mosqueta) to nourish and replenish in an instant.

Become a bathing master by following our guide to taking the perfect bath.

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