Glide into Autumn with these transitional skincare tips

Now that fall is just around the corner, it’s time to shake up your skincare routine as well as your wardrobe

During the hot summer months, our beauty regime revolved around sun protection and keeping our oily skin at bay, but now that autumn has blown in that cold, crisp air, it’s time to mix it up. When seasons change, so does the behaviour of our skin, and when we move from summer to fall, we often notice our complexion looking drier and slightly lacklustre - a far cry from our summer glow! But it doesn’t have to be like that - follow our tips and tricks for transitioning your skin seamlessly into fall and keep your radiance all year round.

Keep skin hydrated

Throughout summer, all we could think about was controlling our skin’s oil production in soaring heat, however now the weather is cooling down, it’s time to start thinking about firing up your moisturizer routine. With less humidity in the air, not only does our skin start to produce less oil (finally!), but the atmosphere will start to draw moisture from our skin, in fact, our skin loses more than 25% of its ability to hold moisture in the winter. A combination of these two effects will leave our skin looking dehydrated, dry and tight.

Choose an ultra-hydrating moisturizer such as Aquasource Cocoon to provide your skin with extra nourishment and the protection that your skin needs to survive colder climes, with 48 hour hydration after one application.

Keep skin fresh by exfoliating daily

Not only will cooler air mean that you must step up your moisturizing game, but it also makes exfoliating a more important step in your skincare routine. Although cellular regeneration doesn’t slow down, the lack of moisture in the air means that skin cells often become undernourished and dehydrated. The excess skin cells left sitting on top of our complexion will leave skin looking dull and can block pores which will lead to blemishes and perhaps breakouts. Be sure to use a daily exfoliator which cleanses skin gently such as Biosource Exfoliating Gelee, enriched with Life Plankton and L.Saccharina golden algae extract to remove the smallest impurities one by one and keep skin texture refined and radiant.

Repair at night

Use the fall as an opportunity to repair and heal your dehydrated skin from the summer, whether that be a little bit too much sun exposure, late nights or just being slightly slack with your skincare routine. Use a deeply hydrating mask such as Life Plankton Mask at night in order to benefit from this miracle ingredient to rescue skin with maximum repair time. This deeply nourishing treatment will leave skin looking smoother and brighter, helping skin glow and glide into fall.

Even out your complexion and help skin to glow

Transitioning from summer into fall can often mean that your freckles fade, your skin colour changes and hyperpigmentation can become a problem. Investing in a serum which hydrates and improves an uneven complexion is key to keeping your skin looking healthy all year round. Use a serum such as Liquid Glow Skin Best for intense nourishment, enriched with powerful antioxidant algae extract, Astaxanthin, which will help to smooth and enhance your complexion. In fact, serums contain smaller molecules than moisturizers, which therefore allows them to better penetrate your skin, working lower into the dermis and effectively targeting specific problems, and Liquid Glow Skin Best is great for reviving skin during the autumn months.

Make these easy changes to your skincare routine to keep your complexion healthy, glowing and nourished all the way through until next spring!

Psst...not everything needs to change! The days may be getting darker, and the sun isn’t constantly shining, but be sure to keep applying SPF every morning, no excuses!

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