Beauty Editor-Approved: our #1 product to enhance your beauty sleep

Because getting 8-hours in dreamland isn’t always easy!

Late nights and early mornings often mean that getting enough beauty sleep isn’t always easy. Whether we’re putting in the extra hours at work, enjoying a few late nights with friends or waking up early to hit the gym, sleep can often seem low on our list of priorities. As we snooze, our skin has its highest rate of cellular turnover to help our skin look renewed and radiant. If you’re struggling to get enough shuteye, be sure to take advantage of your body's regenerative properties and give your skin a little boost to fake those 8-hours of sleep. Our choice? Aquasource Night Spa...

A powerful triple-spa-effect night balm

For the ultimate, night-time spa experience, this powerful mask draws upon traditional replenishing and repairing facial treatments to get to work on rejuvenating your skin with its triple-action technology.

#1 Rehydration: Thanks to its moisture packed formula, Aquasource Night Spa provides your skin with deep moisture replenishment and intense hydration as you sleep - 91% of the 80 women surveyed said that their skin felt hydrated, and 87% cited, ‘nourished’, only 8 hours after initial application. After applying, your skin’s water reserves are rehydrated by up to 30%, transforming your skin night after night and leaving it water-plumped, radiant and more even.

#2 Repair: Cellular regeneration works almost twice as quickly at night, peaking between 11pm and 4am to help renew and repair our skin from the damage that daily life can cause. Coupled with Aquasource Night Spa, your time asleep will be your most skin-smoothing experience yet. By replenishing moisture, repairing our skin’s natural barrier and locking in moisture, dehydration lines are evened out, and skin is left more supple. In fact 84% of women who tested the product said that sensations of skin tightness were reduced morning after morning.

#3 Restoration: It goes without saying that after intense replenishment and repair, skin will start to feel soothed. Resourced with powerful ingredients, 89% of women said that they found their skin felt more comfortable, with 76% saying that their complexion was softer to touch after only 8 hours since application!

Formulated with powerful ingredients with ultimate overnight rejuvenation

At the heart of this intensely replenishing overnight mask is Life Plankton - a miracle marine organism which holds extraordinary regenerative properties. Initially discovered by Biotherm’s biologists in the French Pyrenees hot springs, and hailed as the ‘fountain of youth’, Life Plankton works with its 35 nutrients, vitamins and amino acids (to name a few) to heal and renew skin. Combined with a Polynesian marine organism extract to form the base of Aquasource Night Spa’s formula, this melting, dense and nourishing balm is suitable for all skin types (even sensitive) for renewed skin overnight.

The 3 ritual recommendation

Like any good spa, treatments should be tailored to your specific skincare needs, so to make the most of Aquasource Night Spa, take your pick when it comes to your rejuvenating ritual. With any of these methods, be sure to thoroughly cleanse your skin of impurities before you start. Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water is our recommendation for a complete purifying, toning and deeply cleansing experience, so you can really start your spa-inspired treatment with a blank canvas.



Whether you choose the classic mask application, deep replenishing treatment or the option to create your very own, at-home relaxing spa massage to smooth out skin, Aquasource Night Spa has got you covered to heal and renew skin as you sleep.

In a world where we can’t find time to sleep let alone go to a spa, give your skin some overnight love with this powerful product for spa-like results. Start your day right and wake up to rejuvenated, radiant and repaired skin morning after morning.

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