#nomakeup: how to embrace your natural beauty

Does the idea of forgoing makeup send a shudder down your spine? It shouldn’t! Here’s why…

We may feel comforted when we have a face full of makeup, but it turns out our skin doesn’t. The #nomakeup movement has grown exponentially, and we can think of loads of reasons why this has happened, from saying bye bye to breakouts, to feeling fresh and to - most importantly - getting more beauty sleep in the morning!

Give your skin a break

Some like it, some love to hate it and some can’t live without it. Whether you use makeup everyday or just occasionally, we can’t deny its ability to transform the way we look. However, by layering these products on our skin, we open ourselves up to the risk of clogging up pores, making it harder for our skin to breathe and maintain its delicate pH balance. This is because the extra layers of a foundation can trap in bacteria and sweat, putting us at a greater risk of acne and dull skin - especially in the warmer months! Indeed, a study showed that a whopping 45% of women tested had dermatoses (skin disease) associated with the cosmetics they were using. Note that if you have sensitive skin, you could be at a greater risk of experiencing the negative effects of makeup - however, anyone can be prone to a reaction!

By going au naturel, at least on a lazy Sunday, we give our skin cells a chance to rehydrate and renew, which will give us a healthy-looking, fresh complexion in no time! Here are our favourite tips and tricks to nurture our skin, and let our naturally glowing complexion be the only makeup we need.

Nurture your natural beauty

To maximize the benefits that come from #nomakeup, a caring and thorough skincare regimen is a must.


Use Biotherm’s Biosource Cleansing Micellar Water day and night to remove any impurities from your skin to guard against acne and motivate it to take on bare-faced life. Its multi-detox complex will leave your skin feeling fresher than ever!

Additionally, give your skin some real TLC once or twice a week with a deep cleanse. Use an exfoliator or mask such as Skin Best Wonder Mud, whose antioxidant and mineral clay formula will thoroughly work out sebum from blocked pores in a mere 3 minutes. Your face will be much brighter, all the while sporting a newly evened out complexion!


Follow this up by using Life Plankton Essence as the step 0 of any beauty regime, which contains 35 natural elements to regenerate and moisturize your skin and keep it glowing all day long. Check out Alice Kong, who tested Life Plankton Essence for 8 days and went makeup free!

For a deeper treatment and elevated skin regeneration, smooth on Life Plankton Mask twice a week to repair signs of damage and rehydrate your skin on another level. The Fermogenesis technology used in this recuperative veil reacts to the condition of your skin and triggers deep cell renewal, which will leave your skin bouncy, smooth and luminous.


One area that could feel the more unforgiving effects of a bare face is our pesky under eyes, often looking dull and drab. But there is a solution! Apply a gel or serum like Aquasource Total Eye Revitalizer to instantly de-puff and revitalize your eyes, thanks to its temperature-lowering formula (by an impressive 2 degrees!)

Cleanse, rejuvenate and illuminate to bring out that inner glow. Use this as a basis to any skincare regime to look naturally fresh and feel confident in the skin you’re in with no additional help required.

Perhaps a compromise?

We know that going completely makeup-free may not be feasible for everyone (sometimes you just have those days), so why not swap your foundation for a lighter BB cream? Or, if going to the office without makeup is out of the question, try dedicating your weekends to some facial breathing space.

Get inspired by the #nomakeup movement and start embracing your natural beauty!

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