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How to wrap presents and decorate the tree pain-free

Be a cool, calm and comfortable Christmas angel this year. 

There’s no shame in admitting it: the holiday period can be challenging. While it can be fun, buying and wrapping presents for a seemingly unending stream of relatives and decorating the house to get into the holiday spirit can feel a bit like having two jobs at once – yours and Santa’s!

The first thing to do when faced with seasonal chores is to take them as seriously as you would any other job. By not adopting a casual attitude and following our tips you’ll be able to get those presents wrapped and that tree decorated in half the time, and avoid some of the aches and pains that can easily result from not properly preparing for a task.

The floor is not your friend

It’s OK, we get it, you’re back from a hard day at the office, and in the comfort of your own home. So why would you want to sit yourself back at a desk or a table to wrap presents? The festive season is meant to be relaxed and casual, plus the floor gives you maximum space to spread out your wrapping gear. But please, just think about it for a second; you’re going to be using a lot more muscles to maintain your seated position on the floor, and that’s not even to mention all the bending and stretching you’ll have to do. A well tidied table is a far better option.

Be organized, be methodical

Again, because you don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder, the temptation both in gift wrapping and tree decoration can be to indulge in your messy side. This can be especially true when you go to grab the decorations out of the attic only to find a box filled with what looks like the exploded remains of the Ghost of Christmas Past. But take your time to untangle the tinsel from the fairy lights before you start decorating, and similarly make sure all your present wrapping gear is neatly laid out before you start. The time and stress you’ll save will be immense.

Incorporate stretches, yoga, even exercise

Much of the strain experienced from present wrapping or tree decorating can come from the way that it forces us to assume the same position, or repeat the same stressful action over and over. To combat against this, it’s very important that you remember to stretch at regular intervals, or run through a short yoga routine. You can even incorporate exercise to get your heart racing, and prevent your joints from seizing up.

All let’s left to do now while you decorate the tree or wrap your presents is to put on some motivational Christmas tunes to inspire you while you work!

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