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Jump your way to better skin: 3 benefits of mini trampoline workouts

Thought trampoline jumping was just for kids? Think again! It’s a fun way to work out, and can even make your complexion brighter.

No one can argue the benefits of exercise for your health and skin. However, let’s be honest, it can be hard to get motivated sometimes. Recently we’ve found a new activity that helps ward off workout boredom: jumping on a mini trampoline. Not only are the workouts fun, a study published by the American Council on Exercise has proved they’re just as effective as running! However, we haven’t fallen in love with them because they can replace a few of our early morning jogs, but because they give us radiant, regenerated skin!

Mini trampoline workouts stimulate the lymphatic system

As a general rule, the more you move, the better it is for your lymphatic system. When you jump up and down on a mini trampoline, your muscles create a sort of “pump” that encourages toxins to be released from your body. The less toxins there are in your body, the healthier your skin looks and feels.

Mini trampoline workouts improve your cardiovascular system

Trampoline jumping gets your blood flowing which brings more oxygen to your cells. This helps strengthen your skin so that it can defend itself against external aggressions.

Mini trampoline workouts reduce the appearance of cellulite

The more toned your muscles are, the better your circulation is, and the better your lymphatic system is working, the less cellulite you’ll have on your body! Unfortunately there’s no miracle solution to get rid of it forever (if only one existed!). However, jumping on a trampoline for 20 minutes a day a few times a week and massaging slimming gel onto “problem areas” daily, like Celluli Eraser by Biotherm, (or a firming emulsion like Skin Fitness Firming Body Emulsion) will fight a fair fight against orange-peel skin.

Mini trampoline workouts lower stress levels

Remember that feeling of euphoria you had as a kid when you were jumping on a trampoline? Doing mini trampoline workouts as an adult will help you feel the same way, and will help you disconnect and forget about the stress from your day. When we actively find ways to lower our stress levels, our bodies produce less cortisol which prevents inflammation and breakouts!

If these skin benefits haven’t convinced you to try trampoline jumping, we don’t know what will! Did we mention they’re fun?

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