Rejuvenate your skin this winter with the miracle ingredient that fixes anything

Make Life Plankton a fundamental element in your skincare routine this season

Now that winter is in full force and the cold air has really taken hold, the battle for healthy, nourished skin has started. Throughout the winter, our skin can often start to appear dull and lackluster, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way. Keep reading to learn all about Life Plankton; our miracle ingredient for a cure-all solution to your skincare woes this winter.

The science behind winter skin

Throughout the winter months, there are two primary things which can affect our skin. Firstly is the colder atmosphere outside which lacks humidity and can draw moisture out of our skin cells to leave them unhealthy and unable to function properly. Secondly central heating can wreak havoc on our skin, whereby the drier the air in artificially warm environments, the drier the skin. If we don’t replace the moisture that has been taken from our epidermis, it can create cracks and break down our skin’s natural barrier to leave it weaker and more susceptible to impurities and toxins which can lie on our skin to further dehydrate it. The key to keeping dry, winter skin at bay lies with hydrating and healing our skin, and the only ingredient for that is Life Plankton.

Life Plankton - the miracle microorganism

After 27 years of research,, a microorganism initially found deep within the French Pyrenees was harnessed to become Biotherm’s most rejuvenative ingredient yet; Life Plankton. Formulated with 35 skin-beautifying nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, glucids, lipids and trace elements, it can revive the skin’s vital functions which are essential to its health. As the only bacteria to have a lipid structure, with a remarkably high affinity to the skin’s membrane, it works directly with your skin cells to trigger intense healing for deeply rejuvenated skin and a repaired skin barrier.

Life Plankton fixes and heals your complexion, whatever your beauty needs, and Biotherm’s scientists have harnessed this powerful ingredient into 3 primary skincare saviors.

Life Plankton Essence - the first, healing step in any skincare regimen

Life Plankton Essence is a fundamental skincare treatment to be used on a deeply purified complexion as the first step of your skincare routine. This healing essence has a texture which is as light as water, however when it penetrates the skin, it instantly acts as actively as a serum to deliver a highly concentrated dose of Life Plankton and moisture deep within the skin. When used twice daily, this powerful microorganism works directly with the skin’s barrier to heal and strengthen it to help it survive the winter, looking radiant, healthy and renewed. Furthermore, when applied as the step 0 of your skincare routine, it helps to maximize the effectiveness of any subsequent products you choose to use, priming the skin and making it more receptive to allow your serums, moisturizers or night masks to penetrate deeper into the skin. And it doesn’t take long to reap the rewards from Life Plankton Essence. In a clinical trial, participants found that their skin was transformed within 8 days, as if newborn, whereby on average a blind judging panel assessed that skin felt 3 years younger after 8 days of use, and 13 years younger in best performance.

Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion - repair and strengthen your dry, sensitive, winter skin

Throughout the winter all skin types are susceptible to becoming dry and sensitive, as moisture is drawn out of the skin’s barrier to leave it dehydrated, flaky and tight. Throughout the colder months, using a good moisturizer is essential, however one that is specifically concentrated in Life Plankton is the ideal solution to achieving healthy, radiant, healed skin. Life Plankton Sensitive Emulsion works deep within the epidermis to soothe, hydrate and repair skin, making it stronger day after day to protect it from damages caused by environmental aggressors, such as pollution, a dry, cold atmosphere and airborne impurities. In fact, after regular, consistent use, Life Plankton heals and regenerates the skin to help it become less reactive overtime, to help it win the war against winter and leave it looking more even, more radiant and smoother.

Life Plankton Mask - rejuvenate your skin overnight

For an intense healing treatment, Life Plankton is concentrated into a healing, hydrogel formula - the Life Plankton Mask. To be used overnight, this renewing face mask targets damaged, overdue skin and penetrates every corner of your complexion to provide it with powered-up recovery. Thanks to Biotherm’s Fermogenesis technology and the microorganism’s natural affinity to your skin, Life Plankton Mask recognizes and reacts to your skin’s condition to trigger deep cellular repair and renewal. Use twice a week to wake up to renewed, revitalized skin this winter.

Include Life Plankton in your skincare regimen to ensure that your skin looks and feels healed, rejuvenated and strengthened this winter.

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