Mariano Di Vaio: a man who knows how to take care of his skin

Mariano is an influencer who leads a very healthy lifestyle. It helps him #LIVEMORE each and every day!

Mariano Di Vaio is the ultimate multitasker: not only is he a handsome Italian model, he’s also a fashion designer, business owner, blogger and actor. He has a true “go-getter” personality that’s infectious, and it seems like once he sets his mind to something, there’s no stopping him! His schedule may be hectic, but it allows him to lead a very full life. Keep scrolling to discover how he manages to find time for everything, and how he keeps his skin looking so great.

You lead a very active life! How are you able to balance everything?

It’s all about versatility! I try to balance everything, organizing my time efficiently. That’s the only way to balance my work with my personal life. But my first secret is that I love my job: I know that it can be stressful and crazy, but that’s what I love, so I think that if you love what you do, it’s more simple to deal with it.

When you hear the term #LIVEMORE, what does it mean to you? How does it apply to your own life?

I think that it sounds like a great motto! You can apply it to different situations, but I apply it to my own life like this: “live more, love more, risk more”. As a creative director of two brands, it’s fundamental for me to be brave and to take risks, if I see an opportunity or if I have an intuition! Then, love. Love is what really matters. I’m going to be a dad, so this special moment of my life is full of love. That’s my way to live more!

You’re in great shape! What kind of workouts do you enjoy doing and what kinds of food do you eat?

I will not lie: my fitness routine is hard. Every day I do a workout, but there are days when I focus on a single muscle group, like biceps and abs. Other days I wake up and go for a run, but every day I work out, without exception. After all, I work also with my image, so working out is fundamental. Regarding the food, during the week I have a healthy diet, but for one meal a week I make an exception and I eat pizza or a hamburger!

What do you usually look for in skincare products? What do you hope they’ll do for you?

I always look for a good moisturizer because my skin is always under pressure, and what I really need is to feel refreshed, so hydration is fundamental.

What kind of skincare routine do you follow as a male model? What products do you use?

I use moisturizers and hydration gels every morning and every night before going to bed. I try to avoid UV damage by using sunscreen every time I go out. UV damage is very dangerous for skin, because it causes dry and flaky skin, and ages it. I’m really careful about this.

Are there are any skincare products that you think more men should start using?

I think that men frequently snub beauty products, classifying them as female products. It’s a big mistake, because skin is skin, doesn’t matter who you are, and it’s important to take care of it. I think that it’s so important for men to hydrate their skin because, contrary to women, they don’t use other beauty products and make up, and that’s why a good moisturizer is so important.

Do you have any insider secrets for how male models stay so handsome and have such great skin (like your own!)?

Yes. Sometimes I create DIY masks. I’m serious! It’s funny and healthy, so I get a bowl, I mix some essential oils, honey and milk, and then I rub the mask on my face! Other than that, it’s very important to eat vegetables for the skin, so I try to eat them at every meal!



Do you feel that your skin suffers more during fashion week? Do you tend to change anything in your skincare routine to keep your skin hydrated and protected?

My skincare essential is a good moisturizer, because if it’s so important to hydrate your skin during a busy day, it’s essential to do it during a crazy day. The Fashion Weeks are definitely the craziest weeks of the year, so I need a super moisturizer for that days. Biotherm’s Aquapower is perfect for those days.



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