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Men: are you showering too much?

Discover why taking more than one shower a day isn’t the best for your skin.

There are two types of people in this world: those who are clean freaks, and those who could care less if they don’t have the time to bathe. If you fall under the first category, we can almost bet you shower at least once a day, every day. However, did you know that this grooming ritual is causing you to spend nearly 12,167 hours (the equivalent of two years!) in the shower? While we’re sure you smell great, you’re drying your skin out, which can cause irritations and breakouts.

Showering too often weakens the skin barrier

If you shower daily, no one can really fault you for having good personal hygiene. However, if you’re jumping under the shower first thing in the morning, after a workout, and before bed, you’re going overboard and stripping your skin of natural oils and good bacteria.

When you shower too often (more than once a day) your skin doesn’t have time to repair itself naturally. This weakens your skin barrier, making your skin feel rough to the touch and more susceptible to developing rashes – not fun!

Top tip: Build up your skin’s defenses by washing your body with a moisturizing product like Aquapower Shower Gel. Unlike harsh bar soap, it will gently cleanse and hydrate your skin during your shower.

Keep the temperature lukewarm

A hot shower can feel magical on a frigid morning and a cold shower is more than welcome after an intense workout. However, to keep your skin strong, keep the water temperature lukewarm. It won’t dry your skin out as fast as a hot shower, and won’t cause a shock to your system – especially after exercising. Sports physician Dr. Lebar explains: “Taking a shower that is too hot (or too cold) after a workout can add stress to the body, something it doesn’t need.” She also recommends waiting 10-15 minutes before hopping under the shower to let your body and naturally calm down and to avoid irritating your skin.

Stick to one shower a day, maximum

Believe it or not, most people can get away with showering once every other day or every two days, so long as they wash bacteria-prone areas with soap and a washcloth, like the armpits and groin. The only people who really need to shower once a day are those who exercise every day or take public transportation (a breeding ground for germs!).

Showering once a day – or every other day – is the best defense against skin dryness and irritation. Just don’t forget to apply face moisturizer and body lotion after your shower!

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