Guys: treat your sunburn like a man

Nearly 50% of men haven’t used sunscreen in the past year - but here’s why you really should...

Men - we get that reaching for sun protection might not be the first thing on your agenda. Women are told to use sunscreen in their beauty regimes from day 1; with SPF routinely added to female beauty regimes, sun protection becomes an invisible step in their daily lives. So, guys, we’ll give you that. It may seem like a lot of effort, but we’re here to tell you to grab your lotion, change your perspective and get on board, because it’s time to treat your sunburn like a man!

What is SPF and why is it so important?

Sun Protection Factor (SPF), does exactly what it says on the bottle - it keeps harmful rays from damaging our bodies. When UVA rays penetrate our skin, it can cause damage to our cells and may penetrate deep enough to even alter our DNA! Overexposure can induce our bodies to respond with inflammation and increased blood flow to help repair the ‘injuries’ to our skin, i.e., we look burnt! Not only can it be painful at the time, but in the long run it can lead to peeling, premature aging, and long-lasting skin damage… Not good.

For holiday sun protection, use Biotherm’s UV Defense Sport Body as a strong barrier against harmful UV rays. No matter what activity you’re doing, this water-resistant, non-stick, anti-sand sunscreen can keep you burn-free all summer long. But don’t forget to reapply! A survey found that 61% of guys believed they only needed to reapply every 4 hours, whereas in reality, experts suggest that we should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours max!

3-step sunburn treatment

Cold Shower - soothe the burn and take a cool shower. Not only will this help to ease the burning sensation, but it will also decrease excess blood flow to the skin, and reduce inflammation and redness.

Peel Prevention - After a cold shower, it’s important to rehydrate skin. Apply Biotherm’s Aquapower Oligo-Thermal Moisturizer to lock in moisture as well as giving it 48 hours of hydration to help cool, soothe and heal.

Rehydrate from the inside - sunburn can not only dry out skin, but it can cause moisture loss in the rest of our body. Drink extra water to prevent dehydration and nourish skin cells to heal from the inside out.

Rethink your regular skincare routine

Daily SPF - OK, so we know that sun protection is super important, so why not introduce it into your day-to-day skin care regime? Use Biotherm’s UV Defense Ultra Light Texture to protect skin from daily life, whether that’s the sun or pollution. Enriched with Life Plankton, this ultra-light fluid shields your skin, keeping it youthful-looking and healthy, without you even knowing it’s there!

Cleanse - a day in the sun is the perfect way to spend your summer downtime, but be sure to look after your skin at the end of the day. Cleanse before bed to eliminate the buildup of impurities, such as sweat, bacteria and toxins. Try Force Supreme Cleanser to give skin a deep cleanse without the harshness, leaving your face fresh, smooth and blemish-free.

Lip protection - Lips can be one of our most sensitive areas when it comes to sun damage. Use Biotherm’s Ultimate Lip Balm to hydrate and repair lips, leaving them smooth and protected.

Adopting these little tips to help heal and protect your skin from the sun will keep you looking handsome and healthy all summer (and winter!) long.

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