Only the essentials: the 5 must-haves for your washbag

Guys, here’s how to save your skin this winter

According to the Financial Times , the male grooming industry was worth close to $50bn last year, which gives a hint at just how many products are on the market. You’d be forgiven for finding it all a bit overwhelming. When it comes to your washbag, space is at a premium. You want only the essential kit for keeping your skin smooth this winter.

5 washbag essentials for simple but effective care

#For Ultimate protection

Shield yourself from the outdoor elements with UV Defence Ultra Light Texture . This daily fluid offers superior protection against UV rays, which are just as harmful in winter, and city pollution. Together, these form the biggest cause of skin damage, which leads to visible aging. With SPF 50, the Life Plankton enriched formula also soothes skin under daily attack from rays and pollutants, thanks to anti-inflammatory properties. Whether you’re fighting the winter blues by exercising outside, on an adrenaline fuelled snowboarding vacation, or just powering through city life, it’s perfect for all your winter adventures.

#For Energizing

Because on some winter mornings it can be hard to even drag yourself out of bed, you need a revitalizing wake-up call in the form of Total Recharge Cleanser . Cleansers are a much better option than soap if you want to keep your skin from drying out, especially during the harsh colder months. This cleansing gel enriched with mint water will energize your morning routine on even the toughest of days. Skin is boosted with a fresher, toned and more awake look.

#For Hydration

The colder it gets the harder it can be for skin to hold on to it’s moisture. Extreme temperatures coupled with indoor heating can leave your skin feeling dry and irritated. Proper skin hydration is essential for your skin’s natural protective barrier to function, so get ready to rehydrate with Aquapower Dry Skin. In a dense gel, its Oligothermal formula packs the equivalent of 5000L of thermal spa water. Meanwhile, recharging amino acids, vitamins E, C and B5, plus resilience-building Life Plankton get to work regenerating your skin. The impact is fresh and hydrated skin all day long, whatever the conditions.

#For Eyes

Late nights, especially those that come with celebrating the holiday season, quickly reveal themselves through signs of eye fatigue. Total Recharge Eye delivers a cold slap to wake up the eye contour. It’s just what the doctor ordered to deal with dark circles, eye bags and fine lines that can come with the energy zapping winter months.

#For Anti Aging

Guys, you might be lucky enough to be aging better than the ladies in your life, but you’re not immune to the aging process. Force Supreme Life Essence uses the repairing formula and regenerative power of Life Plankton to reduce major signs of aging. It boosts skin’s youthful look, strengthens the skin’s defence system, shrinks enlarged pores and soothes redness and irritation.

Don’t waste space in your washbag; instead, choose only hardworking essentials.

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